Friday, October 13, 2017

October everywhere - liminal advertising

October (from the Greek okt, meaning "seafood with tentacles" and the German ober, meaning "so over it") means we are tired of the clingy, hot days of summer. It's a month of thresholds; friends are leaving and friends are returning. Auf wiedersehen! Hasta la vista, Baby! and Welcome home!

Elephant Butte Lake

A dear old friend came through town unexpectedly, and we enjoyed each other's company for a while. This is the sort of enchantment one can expect in New Mexico. 

I was happy to lunch with friends, old and new, when Barbara from Me and My Dog ... rolled into town and also introduced me to another full-timer.

The pleasure was all mine when I met a new friend from San Francisco who also loves to make jewelry. I shared my borrowed studio with her for an afternoon.

Not bats.

John Vardo

... and then there was one.
Rocket Inn. Good place to stay in T or C.

Sweeties I'm with now:

Things I Like: 

Polarr photo editing. Works offline on my Chromebook. It also offers an Android app. The free edition is more than I need, and it offers tutorials. 

Daniel A. Brown (Into the Wild Blue). His work makes me forget to breathe. You can also see selected pieces at The Ranch at Taos gallery. Daniel A. Brown
"The Beauty of God"

Stories I Omitted:

Bonnie, the Angry Great Dane (ends well).
Stuff even duller than what I included.

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