Saturday, April 19, 2014

Paseo Del Rio: "living in a van down by the river"

[loosely translated]

Please enjoy these photos approximately 18 times longer than you normally would, to honor the time it took up upload them. Fast internet is not one of Paseo Del Rio's strengths.

There are open campsites here, even on this holiday weekend.

Out in the country, where cats take walks. Not Paseo Del Rio.

Antony.  I think I can get him to teach me Spanish.

Herr Onn. I think I can get him to teach me German.

This was a jail way back when (~ 100 years ago).

This is where the dam workers might end up if they got too dam drunk and stole some dam thing.

I took this picture back in ninety-eighty-aught-aught-eleven.

I thought I might head out before now, and then I got to remembering some mail it would help me to have (computer charging cords), so I'm waiting around for that. Plus Easter dinner with my very generous and hospitable camping neighbors. This morning they invited me over and fed me coffee and donuts and tamales. Thank goodness I had eaten tamales in some other lifetime, or I would have bitten into the corn husk. Thanks, I'll be here all week. There are worse things than amusing your hosts.

The family just now sent messengers to invite me for dinner. Gotta run!

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