Monday, January 19, 2015

Spa-lendid week - Essence of Tranquility, Safford, Arizona

I stopped back at Essence of Tranquility to heat my heels while I waited for roads back to Datil to clear. I got tired of waiting, and surrendered to staying a week. It was a blur of non-activity; the most strenuous thing I did was float in hot mineral springs. Just to keep up my fitness level, I did this three or four times a day.

I did finally leave yesterday, but still couldn't convince myself that roads to the cabin were passable with Spud. So, I headed to Caballo Lake State Park, New Mexico. Although my good friend, Sue Soaring Sun, was on a people-free retreat at the park, she agreed to see me on the grounds that I'm not really "people."

Bureau of Land Management/National Forest Service office in Safford. I dig my reserved parking spot.

Deming, NM. 

Truth or Consequences, NM.

I thought I should blur out his number, but instead I'll just amplify his message.

One of the Elephant Butte State Park campgrounds. No number on my side to blur out.

One of the Elephant Butte State Park sunsets.

I still haven't made it back to Datil, and I want to say "thanks!" to some people who have helped me out in my absence. Thanks, Betty and John, for collecting my stash of packages from the post office. Thanks, Linda and Wayne, for closing my front door.

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