Monday, February 9, 2015

Turtleback Mountain, Truth or Consequences

I've been having excessive amounts of fun in T or C, as always, but I evened that out by sprinkling in vast stretches of time doing nothing, or whatever I felt like. I like to stay balanced.

A friend took me hiking toward (not on) Turtleback. He called it an "easy" hike, so it's now pretty clear he can't be trusted. However, to start and to finish, we had to ford the Rio Grande, so it was worth it just to say "ford the Rio Grande."

You're looking down on T or C. Shame on you.

I've been house- and cat-sitting for about three weeks, living the life of Roxi. While enjoying the luxuries of house-dwelling, I've also been able to spend time with friends (especially my good friend, Sue). Truth or Consequences is always a good-time town.

Sonja, Devorador de plumas de paloma

My crush will be returning to the States in four weeks! I don't like to fling exclamation points onto a page irresponsibly, so you know this is big.

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