Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lunar eclipse - don't come here for pictures

I've seen some outstanding eclipse photos around the 'Net this morning. These aren't any of them.

I'm only a waxing gibbous moon ...

...sailing over a cardboard sky.

Truth or Consequences gets a little spiffied up for Art Hop.

Cookie Crumbs Coffee Shop

Happy Belly Deli

Some of you know Jake the Dog, and will be happy to see that he had a river play date.

It may be impossible to be gloomy while watching dogs play in the water. I thought they must be walking on water, but the river is just that shallow just below Caballo Dam.

Composting toilets: the scoop on the poop

Back in 2012 I wrote a short essay on the beauty of composting toilets. In 2010, when we installed ours in the motorhome, a person couldn't even get a civil reply on RVing forums when asking about such things. Today, I've gotten 12,500 hits on that topic; it's three times more popular than the next most popular post. Thanks to RVing resource websites, the information remains everbrown, and some days I get more hits on composting poo than I do on my latest adventure. 

At 12,500 hits, I like to think that 1,250 people read it and thought "maybe I could do this someday." Maybe 125 people went through with it and installed composting toilets somewhere in their lives.

This is a movement whose time has come. Back around 2005, I read Joseph Jenkins' book, The Humanure Handbook, and thought "maybe I could do this someday." Who knew I would become a poo evangelist?

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