Monday, June 29, 2015

Navajo Lake State Park (Navajo Dam, New Mexico)

Another place in which we felt very comfortable. We chose Cottonwood campground, below the dam. I especially enjoyed the crazy-tall trees; something tells me they were cottonwoods, but I have no corroborating evidence. Sites are reasonably-spaced.

I kayaked on the river! I saw things. A snake swimming. A heron flying directly over me (nothing more to report on that incident). Fish. Water. Rocks. ROCKS! ROCKS!!!

There are campsites up above the lake. Pine is the only one set up for big(ger) rigs, and the sites look unlevel. Here's a map.

If you've been to Cottonwood in the past, you should know that it's 100% water/electric now, so sites are $14 (or $4). 

Just below the dam.

We strolled into the marina, where a young girl named Karma knew a lot of things about the area. She grabbed a handful of dog food to demonstrate feeding the carp (remarkable, actually). She cheerfully sprayed me with a water cannon, seeing as how it was hot out. She knew what she knew, but when she didn't know, she knew how to say so.

I don't think I did these things. I wouldn't mind being able to say I moored or snagged.

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