Saturday, January 14, 2017

Hither. Later, yon.

I've been a while in Truth or Consequences, and a bit in Elephant Butte. I've been leaving my traveling friends to their adventures, and barely noting them on Facebook. Tales of the Rubbertramp Rendezvous (RTR) crowds leave my cuticles ragged. The closest I'm getting to vagabond shoes is walking into the yard with slippers on.

That's all okay with me. Okay with you? In the ebb and flow, wax and wane, here and there, and in and out, I'm all those things. It's not ennui, it's just the counterswing of the pendulum.

Today, I'm sharing space with four dogs, a cat, and a bird. I'm second in command, Janice's lieutenant; the two newest dogs have thrown off the dynamic, and everyone is jockeying for position. Marking, growling, biting, and fighting for food are everyday occurrences, but enough about my girlfriend.

I made a coffee date with someone I've met several times in passing. She seems interesting, and worth getting to know. When I arrived, she exhibited what I've begun to call in the retelling frank disappointment. "You came alone! I miss JANICE." It was such an honest expression of dismay that I couldn't be mad or even hurt. To be fair, she rallied well enough to have coffee and conversation, and even invited me to see her charming home.

Which reminds me of meeting another solo traveler. After we had chatted for a while, she paused for a long time, and then said, I thought you'd be funnier.

I tell you those stories to explain that I don't register with everyone. When I was younger, longing to make impressions, it bothered me, but in the ripeness of my life it feels like a blessing. Janice says I have a cloaking device. I don't trigger anyone's need to challenge; it's a way to live quietly and enjoy my coffee while it's hot.

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