Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sightseeing by Train!: New Mexico Rail Runner

When animals make graffiti:  

"Who you callin' ... SQUIRREL!!!"

Belen, New Mexico

Right after I told someone there were no frogs in the desert.

Los Lunas, New Mexico

We took the train! I love public transportation, and light rail is exciting! Rio Metro Regional Transit is actually a network of transportation options, the most fun of which is the train from Belen to Santa Fe (and back). $11 bought me a day pass of rail travel. If you're 62+, you'll get that same fun for $8 - all zones, all day. We stopped first in Albuquerque for a 45 minute "layover."

"Hey! There's a discreet ... "

Thanks for being a gigantic buzzkill, Albuquerque.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Next we were off again riding the rails to Santa Fe.

"Urban Accessories" ... a stump ... get it?

Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi

I wanted to see the Loretto Chapel, and so I did. I had questions, so I played lightning round with the docent.

"How many steps are there?"
"How many years was Jesus on earth?"

I won that round, and then I asked him about the possibility of Frenchy Rochas building the staircase. Here is his explanation, more or less, give or take, add or take away some words:

Sister Magdalena, of the Sisters of Loretto, was acquainted with Frenchy.
When questioned by the Mother Superior, she claimed not to know the identity of the mysterious carpenter.
Lying is a nun no-no.
Frenchy's obituary credited him with the staircase construction, but no one fact-checks obituaries.
Frenchy did build a staircase for the school.
This blog adds a few more details. 

I only know of one of you who has an opinion, so Betty, you can add the counterpoint.

I have been craving Thai food, and so I was treated to a birthday lunch at Thai Cafe. Yay! Yum!

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