Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Villanueva State Park and Santa Rosa Lake State Park, New Mexico

I'm combining them, not because either is insignificant, but because we didn't stay long at Villanueva. I really liked it; the (big) downsides are no cell service and no internet signal. You may see those as upsides, and if you're vacationing, they are.

Villanueva sits along the Pecos River at the bottom of a canyon.

First day with two shoes

Swallow nests (not a command)

We moved on to Santa Rosa Lake State Park, where there is signal.

It's easy to find Blue Hole. Go ahead and do that.

Old chapel/cemetery outside of town.

If you want to identify things, please do. I ran out of care, but I wouldn't mind someone pouring information into my head.

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