Sunday, September 28, 2014

Socorro, NM to Datil. Not suitable for grasshoppers under 18.

We spent a few days in Socorro, and I found more to it than I expected. Like a lot of New Mexico towns, it has a historic district with a plaza.

Historic coffee and bran muffins

San Miguel mission

Hundreds of years of history, blah, blah, blah, et cetera. I HAVE A DRIVEWAY!!!

Before: non-driveway

Spud AT CABIN!!!

After: drivable driveway
 We built a road!

My address: 62
More thanks than I can say to Wolfgang, who frequently reminds me that Germans are technicians.

Having a driveway means a lot of things to me. Easy electronics-charging "at home" (instead of a hundred-yard trek up the hill). Easy grocery unloading. Deliveries are now possible. Did I forget something in the car? No problem - it's right there!

I am pleased. So pleased.

I am even more pleased than this couple. For different reasons, naturally.

I wish I had this many hands to clap with glee.

I'm, you know ... pleased.

Gratuitous lichen shot

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