Saturday, December 9, 2017

Not even phoning it in.

A friend told me I was being lazy with my blog, and so here is a lackluster presentation of some mediocre photos. I hope you blandly tolerate this entry.

It's a turtle, notice?
Turtleback Mountain

It's a good time of the day to show you The Turtle. If you're seeing An Armadillo, turn around.

Rio Grande with Turtleback in the background
This is the time of year that the small dirt dam is rebuilt across the river. Keeping water behind it maintains the pressure needed for hot springs to flow in the free-flowing tubs downtown.

Looking generally northward toward Truth or Consequences
If you want to be mistaken for a local, you must never say "Truth or Consequences" in Truth or Consequences. It is always "T or C."

It must also be the time of year when people sit on the new dirt dam.

Along with very reduced flow from Elephant Butte Lake, this little dam creates a low-water vehicle crossing just a bit downstream (not shown). 

A Very Good Dog

Long-time friends in Albuquerque.



Cat people, this is the best catitat ... habicat ... catio I've ever seen.

Home Dairy Alley

I went back to Ithaca, after a six-year absence, to meet my new grandchildren. I wanted to tour the new Ithaca Commons, with some old landmarks. Home Dairy was in business in 1979 when I first arrived in Ithaca, and is no more.  Ironically, when the Home Dairy was there, this historic landmark was not. This is the sort of thing that keeps me confused.

It's just a wall.
Notice the dates still on the photos? Lazy.

There was snow for my visit in November, which is just on the friendly side of unforgivable. At this charming moment, my son said, "Nina, that's where the dogs [do stuff]."

What cat?

Didn't take this picture. Lazy.

If there's a time of the year that can fool me into thinking I'm doing life wrong, it's this one. We've come to an agreement this year, Dark Solstice and I, that we treat one another gently. Treat one another gently, too.

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