Monday, March 30, 2015

If it's Monday, it must be ... the 2015 New Mexico Lake Tour

I like Roswell. It's a city, but not a huge one, so there are lots of conveniences without lots of congestion. A city's libraries draw me.

I'm losing track of what lake park goes with what town. 

Brantley Lake ➔➔ Carlsbad (caverns, more or less)
Bottomless Lakes ➔➔ Roswell (UFO museum)
Sumner Lake ➔➔ Fort Sumner (The REAL grave of Billy the Kid)
Santa Rosa Lake ➔➔ Santa Rosa (Blue Hole) 

"Tree of Knowledge" sculpture outside Roswell Public Library.

Roswell doesn't give the impression that it's a desert town. I don't know its water status, but there are a lot of big trees that indicate a more abiding water source than occasional irrigation.



If you really want to know which lake this is, I'll try to remember.

Must have been Fort Sumner at a Billy the Kid museum.

I was in dire need. They didn't care.

Fort Sumner Chamber of Commerce

The state parks are great, and I'm losing details. Lakes! Lots of lakes. The Bottomless Lakes aren't. Brantley, Sumner, and Santa Rosa lakes are created by dams on the Pecos River. This completes the informative segment of today's post. And, today's post.

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