Thursday, July 7, 2016

Just another Buick in the wall.

You don't need no education! You might get some contact learning, though, so keep your Benadryl handy.

Car camping got popular in the 1920s, when people needed vacations, but couldn't bear to leave their Fords in Dodge.

 Library of Congress LC-USZ62-41022 
She's asking the question that still plagues me. You know, don't you?*

These folks were the pioneers of car-campers. The Rough Riders of roughing it. Their smartphones have dead batteries, but look at the fun they're having! Somebody back East is saying, "Why don't they write?"

Library of Congress LC-USZ62-47337

Still asking.*

In 1919, there was a caravan of 50 cars, even one built to refrigerate food (still not answering that one pulsing, unsilenceable question*).

This article is rekindling the glowing embers of my interest in boondocking in Spud. I'm just in no hurry. I'm comfortable, contemplative, content, and continent.

*"Where do I poop?" 

You'll offer me good, sturdy answers. These answers will work in a car (not a van), with people possibly in the vicinity, without benefit of vault toilets.

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