Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ennui at Storrie Lake: a "Hard Life" production

Hanging out with the women here is fun. In the mornings, Jeannie and Annie take me out for a drag with the dogs.

I'm in good company here, so I have only myself to blame for my ennui. If I were just bored, that would be ridiculous. In French, it is indisputably très mauvais.

It will be another nine days, and then the cast will be off. Doctor, will I be able to play the piano! Great! I never could before!

We are not amused.

I don't like to dwell on my restlessness, or the brief episodes of existential WTH I experience on the road. It wouldn't matter where I was, these things would still happen, but I'd be stuck in one place with them. I only mention them because people sometimes think their mental imps will stay behind when they hit the road, only to find they have stowed away in a basement bay. We all still have our work to do.

I have been field-testing my small generator with its plug-and-play solar panel.

The generator is a small, sealed battery plus an inverter. It can be charged with solar, with a 12-volt cigarette-style car port while driving, or with AC from an outlet. 

In turn, it charges my laptop (via 12-volt port or AC), all my devices (Nook, phone, wifi devices) via USB ports, and my camera battery via AC outlets. PLUS, it is a car battery jump-starter.

If you need only USB charging, the solar panel has two USB ports on its own and doesn't need the generator/inverter go-between. It is a 27 watt unit, nicely foldable and portable. It could be hung from a backpack to keep your devices charged on the trail.

If you always have ready access to AC, you wouldn't need the solar panel. The combo works well for me.

Overall, I like it. I can keep my laptop charged without running the engine, and I will also be able to use it when I'm stationary and off-grid, like at my cabin. I feel reassured having a jump start ready to go if I should need it on the road.

On the con side, it would be nice to have more capacity (I think it's a 26 Ah battery). Although, if it were much bigger I couldn't carry it.

I look forward to seeing my friend, Betty, on the way back down to Las Cruces (if she'll be at home). I will also be glad to see Annie and David in Truth or Consequences when I pick up the remnants of my possessions from their house. I'll leave something else behind, so there's always a "reason" to stop back by.

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