Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Central New York in November - Trumansburg

I'm in Nana-land (central NY state) visiting my son, his wife, and meeting my two grandchildren, Francis and Olivia. This blog post will read just like any other grandmother's RVing blog, except that I didn't RV here.

I arrived just in time to be too late for fall colors. I'm taking pictures anyway, because I'm so thrilled to see the sun. Blue winter skies here are like Sasquatch: commonly believed to exist, but rarely spotted. 

Taughannock Falls, Trumansburg, NY

Taughannock Falls Overlook has a new visitor's center.

I met an old friend for coffee here in Trumansburg.

First Pop Rocks experience. Pop is on the left.

Being a Nana is pretty fun, because their character is not my project. I'm just here to listen and give them stuff.

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