Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Spring at the Springs - hiking opportunities near Truth or Consequences, NM

Something has propelled me into motion. Maybe that's why they call it "spring."

Not Marla Hooch at all.

Mud Mountain

You know it's been a while since I showed you poop. Reset your counters now.
Not Mud.


There are fascinating rocks to be found on this walk. Directions: From I-25 South, turn right. Drive over places you should not. Arrive.

Almost as unpopulated are the approaches to Elephant Butte Lake. It's not, strictly speaking, legal to let your big dogs run wild and free in these places. 

There are also interesting rocks to be found here. It's not, strictly speaking, legal to let your girlfriend run wild and free picking rocks in these places.

 You'll see these weird "concretions" along the trails. They are formed when blah blah yadda yadda wind and water.

Django asked that his face not be photographed.

We attended a brand-new Laughing Club in Ralph Edwards park Saturday. I think I did it wrong, because I started giggling during the opening description, and continued inappropriately throughout, ending with my own guffaws and side-eye from the instructor. She later advised us privately, "Look for a Sadness Club. There's nothing more I can do for you here."

There turns out to be more activity available here in TorC than time or energy. There is a hiking club, yoga, Tai Chi, water Zumba, and a bunch of things someone else can tell you about. For the contemplative, there are yoga, Buddhist meditation, and Sufi events (included, but not limited to). Poetry readings and an art hop. There's more, but I forgot.

The last few weeks have been especially inspiring because an old friend is in town, and we have had several long, leisurely conversations about everything. Truth or Consequences will be much quieter and emptier when she moves on. Come back, Julie!

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