Saturday, February 10, 2018

The Impulse for Tucson

A friend told a story of adventure, and right in the middle of it, I decided to go to Arizona. I made sure Spud was packed with the essentials, but before I could embark on that kind of foolishness, my cousin invited me to stay with her.

She has the delightful skills of nurturing and kindness, while being annoyance-tolerant. It's a combination that just begs relatives to visit.

Seriously, she's almost a saint.

Left alone for an entire morning, I went geocaching. A cache presented itself within theoretical walking distance, so naturally I jumped in the car and headed toward it.

I think of my friend Zee.

The cache was in an arroyo, where coyotes ignore the speed limit. THAT'S adventure! I tumbled right in where regular people just cross the footbridge and keep moving. I saw it there, the cache, at the top of a bank I had no intention of scaling.

 I've been missing saguaros lately, like an actual longing. I notice that we People of New Mexico decorate with them, but we're poseurs. Saguaros live in the Sonoran desert. Chihuahuas live in the Chihuahuan desert.

Gates Pass

Folks back home sayin', "Why don't he write?"

It was hiding in plain sight!

This one was not-so-hidden in plain sight.

This vacation was the luxe life, and I'm powerless to refuse that kind of adventure. We worked up the courage to eat at a French restaurant, braved the elements to reach cafes, and risked our safety for the best parking spots in front of shops. I'm just saying don't let fear stop you from reaching for your dreams.

We started up Mount Lemmon today, but by Molino Canyon Vista we realized we were hangry, so we bagged the scenery and headed toward snacks.

I may or may not stop to see The Thing on my way home tomorrow. That's the kind of tantalization you come here for.

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