Thursday, July 24, 2014

More Morphy, please: Morphy Lake State Park, New Mexico

I left the comforts of girl-camping (exactly like boy-camping, but with girls and it smells better) and headed off to Morphy Lake State Park for the night. This is a beautiful spot, with a maximum 18-foot rig restriction. What's the point of having the tiniest rig if you don't flaunt your privilege?

Morphy Lake sits in the Sangre de Cristo mountains. TRIVIA QUESTION: In which popular TV series does the main character mention the Sangre de Cristos, and what city is s/he in when s/he mentions them?

I'm feeling restless and at loose ends (are you a string? I'm a frayed knot!) with the feeling of not being where I want to be, and not wanting to be where I am. It's a head thing, and I can deal with it. You can look at the pictures and see that if I don't want to be there, it's a problem with my bean.

Morphy Lake is at 8000 feet, and there are wildlife dangers. Other tent campers looked at me and said "I don't have to run faster than the ______, I just have to run faster than that orange cast." One guy walked past and said "Whoa! You're doin' this hardcore!"

Chipmunks present an unrecognized hazard in the wilderness. I had half a dozen of them working me at all times in the crepuscular hours. One fat one danced and shimmied, and while I pointed and laughed, the other five took my dinner and my paperback. I stood up to stop them, and one took my chair.

DO not say "AW!" This is not cute.

I wondered what to do with my food, but they all retired before nightfall. I got up this morning to silence and relaxed, until they all emerged from Hell at one time.

I texted a friend last night and told him of my woe. He said "Have fun with them!" and I replied YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND.

When one is restless and at loose ends, naturally one goes to Taos. But, THEN where does one go?

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