Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Getting nothing done, and taking all day

Joni Mitchell's Circle Game is playing at Passion Pie Café, and so am I.

My kind friends, Annie and David, sent me home to Paseo Del Rio with my arms and heart full of nourishment. And the mail they had collected for me. I had an enormous fresh salad last nigh with granola for dessertt; nutrition is running amok through my veins this morning.

A camping neighbor invited me to coffee yesterday, and in chatting we learned we have mutual friends. We drove up to visit one of them, Barbara (and Katie). Okay, two of them. 


I'm an introvert. I was social yesterday, so naturally I'm exhausted. You extroverts, don't be insulted by us. We love you; if we're spending time with you, you know that's true. Then we need ourselves. We hope you see us as versatile, not insular. 

I chatted remotely last night with a good friend who declares she has stopped making plans. I said welcome to the fold, Sister. The less invested I become in what happens next, the happier I become. I must be pretty darned detached.

Weather here is perfect. Happy people walk past and remark "Beautiful day!" and, although I can't distinguish it from any other day I have spent here, I have to agree.

A lovely family camped next to me for the long Good-Friday-to-Easter weekend. There were a dozen of them, give or take (they didn't all stand still long enough for me to get an accurate count).  Abuela and abuelo, two sons, and their families. 

They noticed I was alone, not boiling water for coffee Saturday morning, and called me over. From then on, I was their mission. They just kept feeding me. It was especially sweet that they sent a different teenager over each time they invited me; the kids had obviously learned the language of hospitality. I tried to demur, and the boy said "But we have too much food!"

Even when I wasn't sitting with them, I enjoyed their happy noises next door. No scolding tones, no arguing, lots of laughing. Somehow they enjoyed each other for three days. Miguel (aged 8) asked me three times if I lived here every day. The last time he asked "Are you HAPPY here?" I assured him I was very happy here.

Phoenix bougainvilleas.

Life is good, but not photographable lately. Pardon my cheats.

Happy Earth Day! Splurge and enjoy Earth again tomorrow. It's on me.

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