Sunday, April 23, 2017

Cosmic Campground, New Mexico to Taos. With potty stops in-between.

My buddy, VermontChris, decided my indoor ways had gone on long enough. She invited me to join her at Cosmic Campground, a (very) Dark Sky area.

There are rules at CC, including turning your flashlight into a red light. We had the joint to ourselves, so we did what we wanted. There is much made of dark sky locations; the truth is, there are still many areas in New Mexico where the skies are as dark as skies get. That doesn't detract from the dark-sky-i-ness of this campground, of which there was a lot.

Also a Dark Cow area.

This is an unloading rule...

...loosely enforced.

Spud still has the right stuff.

It's rare when my cabin is "on the way" to anywhere, so I took advantage. Chris is still trying to explain how to take a selfie.

Quite a bit of my time is spent with other people's pets. It's one of the few jobs where clients climb onto your lap or lick your face, but it pays far less than those other career options.



My roommate was injured in a dogwalking incident, and has looked something like this for two weeks. She has CUR-TAILED* her activities since then, and adjustments have been made.

*Puns in capitals are larger than they appear.

"Hello. You've reached the floor of Janice."

With Janice not driving, and even some laying in the back seat, from the position and velocity of the clouds she can tell I'm driving too fast, and in the wrong direction.

Paco is full of dog. In fact, he is MADE of dog.

Paco is one of the four big dogs I stayed with last, along with Oso, Chinita, and Seca (no pics??).

Corrales, New Mexico
Corrales is an unexpected pleasure just north of Albuquerque. Rural, with beautiful properties on the river, and some fun shopping. Twenty-five MPH speed limit is strictly enforced (I've heard).

This week, Janice and I are sharing a catsitting job in Taos. Last time we were in Taos it was brilliant Autumn. This time, it's vibrant Spring. Darn the luck, Taos in the shoulder months.

I ventured out yesterday in my role as Material Girl. Release the kraken (Visa)! Like Wilma and Betty always said, "CHAAARGE it!"

I was going to tell you that Taos drivers are reckless and desperate, but we see things as we are. Instead, I'll describe them as bold and daring. Taos has outgrown its roads, and boldness is sometimes the only way across the street.

In the past I've spent many an internet hour at the Taos Public Library. This time, I'm enjoying the luxury of WiFi inside a house with 360-degree mountain range views, filled with one of my favorite artist's work.

Sophia, the Head Cat, is the most resistant to coming inside at night. We go outside and pretend to stare into a gopher hole until she's intrigued enough to see what's what. NAB!

Another couple of days, and we'll be back in Truth or Consequences. I'll be enjoying a sweet gray cat and the Rio Grande flowing past my morning coffee-couch. Don't hate me because I'm lucky and a little gloaty.

Where the cars are Smart, and the drivers smarter.

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