Thursday, July 6, 2017

Would you rent out your RV?

A lovely young woman from RVshare approached me to write about their services. Everyone knows you can rent an RV, but what about renting yours out?*

I conducted a straw poll with a group of women RVers: would you rent out your RV? A large majority said "no, even if it's not my home," but a few said they would definitely consider it. Maybe your rig sits around most of the year. Maybe you're making painful payments on the RV that is sitting still. Insurance is heavily involved. Rigs older than 15 years aren't eligible. 

Anyway, research for yourself. I have no experience with this company, but Gaby at RVshare dot com was able to answer all my questions, including "would you rent out your own RV to strangers?" [She does.]

* I'm not making any money from this inquiry, and I'm not promoting the company. ETA: I became an affiliate 7/12/2017, so technically I probably am now, sorta, promoting them. All else applies, especially ... Do your own due diligence. Do not drink while doing research. If research lasts longer than four hours, turn off your computer, grab a beverage, and head out to your RV (this is almost always preferable to seeing your doctor).

Summer is glaring at me through other people's double-paned windows. It's hotter than a tin roof everywhere, except on an actual tin roof, where it is hotter. Because I live right, I have been enjoying cool houses and cold drinks with warm pets.

It's true: I have been restless. I have threatened to run away from home and responsibility, and I do it, too, until I get just outside responsibility's front door.

Monsoon has not yet begun, despite early promises. The virga you see in the clouds is evidence that humidity hasn't yet reached appropriate proportions. When it does, the virga will turn to actual ground-drenching rain. I hope I haven't blinded you with science.

Elephant Butte dam.
Dam what?
Dam the lake.
Why should I dam the lake? I like it.

I hoped to give you some perspective about the level of the lake. The Rio Grande downstream has been flowing high for months. We like that.

Families have been moving, more or less continuously, down the river in flotillas. I began to fear they were refugees from Colorado seeking asylum in the Gulf of Mexico, and so I've been throwing food and bottled water at them. They seem surprisingly ungrateful.

Can you see the elephant, or just its butte?

Thunderhead lying.

I heard there was a spot in New Mexico that had nine inches of snow on the ground yesterday. It may or may not be accessible by Prius.

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