Monday, August 25, 2014

Having a ball getting my bearings: Datil, New Mexico

I've surprised myself at how comfortable I feel in this little cabin. It must be the bed. I've made a couple of trips into Socorro when The Mall just wouldn't do. But, mostly I sit here and be.

My neighbor, Terri, walked over, up, and around here to visit today, and to bring me veggies. Thank  you!

I keep thinking that it's time to hit the road, and one of these mornings it will be. Definitely within the next few days, because I'm meeting someone I kinda like up in northern New Mexico. He wants to see the cabin, so we'll visit it.

If you know of someone who installs solar power out this way, please do mention them to me. If I had the courage to do it myself, I would. Six-hundred watts would be terrific and 1000W would light me up; it depends on the price differential.

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