Sunday, August 21, 2016

What I Did on Your Summer Vacation.

My friend, Betty, asked if I was going to write the blog anymore. She also registered a complaint about the poor quality of the nothing she had been seeing here recently. 

Rainbow over Albuquerque.

I'm pleased to spend a lot of time with animals, but enough about my friends (RIM SHOT). 

Rosie and Little Ann.

And enjoying other people's art.

And sprucing up my cabin, with my girlfriend's help. 

I met my lovely daughter-in-law this week! She's married to my lovely son!

Nina and Phil. 
We took them into the Gila Mountains...

Guess where?

Emory Pass

... and Truth or Consequences...

A Little Slice of Heaven, Truth or Consequences, NM. It used to be Brazen Fox, which used to be Happy Belly Deli.

We did the Monticello/Winston/Chloride trail...

After being told I can't get there, I have become obsessed with Monument Park.

...and the Datil trip, of course.

I brought them so they could picture where I do nothing.

One last scenic stop...

Sunset over Rio Grande, Elephant Butte, NM.

My mysterious side.

We enjoyed Nina and Phil and their youthful energy. I once had youth, but not energy.

They're still traveling home this morning, after so many delays that it could be amusing if they weren't so tired. They are currently disillusioned with United Airlines, unless UA does something amazing to make up for this trip. Your move, United!

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