Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Viva Las Vegas: Las Vegas, New Mexico

Okay, I guess it's okay to say we're at Storrie Lake State Park.

I had rested long enough, and went into town for some internet and shopping. 

First stop was McDonald's, Internet café. The young woman who brought me my coffee saw my crutch and brought everything right out to my table. Later, another employee preceded me out the door so she could open all the doors for me. Sweet!

Ladies, the gentlemen in Las Vegas are friendly. Nothing creepy - I just had the feeling I was in an Old World country where women are openly admired. After being stopped for a couple of conversations, I was feeling like Ann-Margret in Grumpy Old Men.

This drug store offers soda and ice cream. I accepted.

When I feel extravagant, I buy books. And so I did. 

One of the locals told me I could get a close-up view of Montezuma Castle (now United World College of the American West). I couldn't - it's a closed campus - but it did take me through some great scenery. Just past the college is a hot spring. Park on the road and walk in.

I saw a sign and followed it. Morphy Lake State Park is about 35 miles from Storrie Lake, and is restricted to rigs 18' and under. SCORE! It is high-and-piney up there! No showers, but there are pit toilets and a 1.5 lane road in and out. About 8000 feet in elevation. I didn't stay the night, but have it in mind.

It rained for about an hour this afternoon, and I felt sorry for myself the entire time. Then I remembered I could lay down and check email, and then I got happy again.

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