Friday, July 3, 2009

Nature's Head! (Roxi)

She's here!

The hairy blur is a cat showing his disdain for this sort of litter box.

You can see the "urine flask" at the front. It has a nice gasket closing the flask (seriously, what the heck is it called?), and a lid. The lid seems very important.

Up close:

The holes at the front separate the urine. Other functions may be carried out with the trapdoor open or closed. The main idea is to keep the two separate; apparently the mixing of urine and feces is the reason an outhouse smells like an outhouse, and a holding tank smells like an outhouse. I can't say! Later, I can say!

It opens like this:

Here is the solar vent shed:

I want to use it, right now. Excuse me.

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