Saturday, January 15, 2011

Interview with Annie.

Annie, thanks for taking the time to talk with us.  I understand you've just been officially laid off.  Could you give us your reaction?


I see.  Could you be more specific?  How do you feel about this layoff?  These are stressful economic times, and lots of people are worried about making Ivy League tuition payments, paying their domestic help, or keeping up with the Smiths.


That's what I thought.  So, tell me again how you feel about this layoff, really.  You're among friends, and it's okay to be scared.


I understand that you'll at least get a year's insurance coverage and a modest severance package.  Does that ease the pain?


This means you won't have a reason to get up in the dark and get out of your jammies.  Do you feel a little sad about that?


For the first time in ... ever? ... you'll be sleeping in while Roxi goes off to work two days a week.  Who will make her oatmeal and coffee?


Wait, this is just coming in ... Roxanne knows how to make her own oatmeal ... Annie, did you know this?


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Anonymous said...

I see that CU has struck again! But it appears that, as always, you two are taking it all in stride! Congrats on the good attitude...

A bit of warning, the Feds will take a ginormous chunk from that severance...I was a tad shocked when I saw what they took from me...all to pay for a war I didn't agree to...sigh!

Can you make ME some oatmeal?? :-)


¡Vizcacha! said...

I know - it's gruesome when you see the hit you take. Bright side (there's a bright side to taxes??), the big loss will probably even out in the wash - sooner for you, but eventually for Annie.

And, how are you doing, lady?

Annie said...

Gretchen, The college was targeting another position in my department but I managed to make them consider mine instead since we were going to be leaving anyway. The other guy gets to stay at full-time and I get the layoff I wanted. Everybody is happy.

I figure to net about half of the severance pay after withholding taxes but will get a lot of that back on the next year's tax return.

You pour me a drink and I'll make you some oatmeal. Deal?

Sue and Doug said...

funny post this morning!..great interview!!

¡Vizcacha! said...

Thanks, Sue!

dirtyduck said...

LOLOLOL gret post, very fun o read:) absolutely perfect expressions!hahah congrats on FINALLY being laid off.!

¡Vizcacha! said...

She interviews well. :oD

Annie said...

Dirtyduck, thanks! No one deserves it more than I do!

Rose said...

How wonderfully theatrical! A thousand congratulations to you!

Annie said...

A thousand thanks, Rose!

Four Windows with a View said...

What a riot. I enjoy your posts so much, they're usually so funny and I love funny. Congrats on the layoff!!

Anonymous said...

Now comes the BIG question - when are you two hittin' the road ??

ThE MidLiFe CrUiSeR said...

Oh man! You are soooo funny! Loved the interview. I guess Annie is speechless at the thought of sleeping in, and wearing her jammies until noon....or never getting out of them and wearing them for an entire 24 hours. And not having to shower, or pack a lunch, or.....wait a minute...who are we talking about here? ;)

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Jeana! I'm flattered that you enjoy them.

Sassy - ain't it, though! We're getting closer, because of this big thing that just happened this weekend ... no, I'll tell you later.

Nellie, we sit around for a few days and check in. Do you smell anything funky? No. Good, me neither, and we don't shower that day. After Annie's last day, we probably won't be that fastidious.

Anonymous said...

"Sassy - ain't it, though! We're getting closer, because of this big thing that just happened this weekend ... no, I'll tell you later."

BRAT !! You're such a tease. Spill !!

ThE MidLiFe CrUiSeR said...

HMMMM.....After reading your old wives tale on my blog today, I'm wondering if my parents told that SAME ONE to my big sister!! HA!

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