Friday, May 13, 2011

Go Annie! It's your birthday!

She turned the Big Four Five today,which she read somewhere is the Fudge birthday. Someone needs to get control of Wikipedia.

We're at a hunting camp in Georgia, where it is cicada season. Hunters everywhere, but their guns are so tiny! Really, we're alone on a great remote road. These bugs have been underground for thirteen years, long enough to be closeted. Be out, loud, and proud, you guys! I'll sleep when you're ... done talking. We drove up to I-20 to get some quiet.

But, guess who is nocturnal! And loves hunting camps! And can sing all night! And is looking for love! [Not a men's choir.] A whipoorwill. It would be great if the cicadas kept the birds awake all day, so we could ALL sleep tonight.

Some sputtering from the Duck just as we settled into our spot. Why would that start suddenly? Chugging and coughing. Ideas? We're a couple of miles down a dusty road, but nothing different otherwise.

[All obscenities are my own and are not the product of AutoCorrect.]

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Soaring Sun said...

Happy, happy birthday, Annie! I hope this comment gets to you...Blogger is sooooo screwed up right now. Have a great day. Maybe you will get ear plugs for your birthday? xoxo Sue

jillbertini said...

Happy birthday Annie! Wishing you many more adventures :D.

Brenda A. said...

You are a silly goose! Take that as the compliment that it is intended to be. :) Happy B-day to Annie & may you all get some sleep tonight!

Cruzin2some said...

Happy Birthday Annie!!!!! Hope you've had a wonderful day and alot of rest tonight. Party Harty.

Steve said...

Happy Birthday Annie!!! Ok I'm a day late so it's an after-birth day wish.

¡Vizcacha! said...

On Annie's behalf, thanks for the good wishes. Steve - ha! She says "Placentank you."

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday sweet Annie! I'm sorry I missed the real day:(. It's a shame you were up all night and not cause you were celebrating...altho I'm sure you were at some point!! Love to you both, Kath n Den

Annie said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, y'all! It was a good one.

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