Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I feel more comfortable now that I know what this is called.  First vocabulary, then understanding.

Do you geocache?  I'm "chillyrodent" and Annie is "toxicpickle."  It's a great hobby for sit-stillians and move-aroundites;  you can do it wherever you are in the world or in life.  We both have GPSs, but Annie also has an app that we use on her phone, so buying extra equipment isn't necessary.

Overheard At Our House:
It's in the low 90's ...  I know, but you get used to it.  And, it's true.  Annie is so sensitive to temperature extremes but she is adjusting fast.  [You guys are jerks - you have a pool.]  I don't think the pool is relevant.

We're hoping (hope!hope!) to get an appointment to visit Caboodle Ranch soon.  We have loved this place, and Craig, from afar, and now we want to love them up close.  We're not going to give him any cats (don't think we never considered it).  He could use small (and large) donations more than he could use more cats, but he never turns any of either away.  Consider a $$ donation of any size to this endeavor.

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Cyndi and Stumpy said...

Moochdocking! I love it!

Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

Carolyn said...

already see someone else says love but I'ma gonna ditto it.... moochdocking... HAhhaaaa

The Good Luck Duck said...

I should have disclaimed
- I didn't invent it! she disclaimed - that it came from RV-dreams.com's FB status.

Kevin and Ruth said...

Heard lots about geocaching, but we have never tried it. Maybe one day we will give it a try.

Kevin and Ruth

pidge said...

Love the new term, Moochdocking. Funny!! I did not have to sign in when I answered your question on the othere post, but we will see what this one does.

pidge said...

BTW, we have been geocaching for years, but don't do tons of it. I am pidge1991 on the site.

mermaid gallery said...

you are a hoot!..i'm going on holiday with you.....best, susan

The Good Luck Duck said...

Come on, then, Susan - you're welcome! Cat beds enough for everyone!

Anonymous said...

I hereby petition to adopt the moochdocking...does it require feeding?

Soaring Sun said...

Cool! I've been invited to moochdock in Truth or Consequences, actually out of town, at the property owned by an artist friend. I think I'll do it. Then I can afford to buy a toad. Which, in my case, would actually just be a second vehicle, since the Guppy can't tow anything.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Pidge, Blogger totally baffles me right now.

Nina, the moochdock requires only a little free electricity and water, and possibly a dump site. It's a low maintenance kind of creature, and your petition has been received.

Sue, if we come moochdock off you there, it'll be a metamoochdock situation.

Michael Ultra said...

Absolutely hilarious!I love making up my own words, especially when someone else understands them.

Four Windows with a View said...

I just got caught up on your blog and I laughed myself silly. I should have been reading your blog when I wasn't reading any of the others I follow, because then maybe it wouldn't be taking me days and days of continuous reading to get caught up on everyone because I'd be laughing myself silly instead of taking myself so seriously. Did that make sense? Doesn't matter. Congrats on making it to Florida. I can handle the Florida comments now because we had sunshine today.

¡Vizcacha! said...

Michael, I'm just glad when someone understands me using Webster words.

Jeana, I'm glad I made you laugh. I don't think you can blame me for the "silly," though!

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