Saturday, July 2, 2011

A sucker for the free - giveaway!

Kitten-a-Go-Go is offering some good prizes, including the new edition of the Nook, an Amazon gift card, or a sack, whatever.  People seem to like these purse-things.  So, go over and reduce my chances of winning.  Or don't!  Mama needs a brand-new bag ... for her Nook.

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Gaelyn said...

You should check out for a bag for your nook. She sews most amazingly.

¡Vizcacha! said...

But first, I need the Nook!

I.M. Vayne said...

I.M. do know what yer a meanin'. Just like my Grandpap always said, "I.M. don't ever look a gift duck in the mouth." Or it were somethin' like that, I.M. thinkin'. Anyways, I.M. did hisownselfs and Nilda's part in helpin' y'all to win by not enterin'.

The Good Luck Duck said...

I.M., you and Nilda are good, good friends.

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