Sunday, February 19, 2012

At the top of that mesa lies a big, big man.

I set out to find the Bouse fisherman, and, by golly I succeeded.

snagged from  This is how he looks from the air.

For Bob. It's not dramatic like the ones in Blythe.

He looks like this from my camera.  He's really more of an aerial guy.
I was plenty wowwed, though, him being anywhere from a few hundred years old to a few thousand.  Kamastamo is his name, creation is his game.  He is an intaglio (in TAL yo), or a geoglyph if you prefer.  Don't take my word for stuff, here's a sign:


While I was in the middle of I Don't Know Where I Am,  I looked for a geocache.  Do you do this?  It's good, clean fun that I recommend.  I'm "chillyrodent" in those parts.  Don't ask for a Duck;  you won't find me.  And, I didn't find the cache here.

I saw and heard this bird:

Cactus wren?



It's a gate

So I can find The World's Tiniest Cactus again.

"The teddy bear cholla is extremely flammable." ~ Wikipedia


I found two of the four geocaches I tried today.  That's 100%!

If you're on the road, what are your hobbies?  If you're beside the road, what do you do?

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squawmama said...

We love Geocahce and also Waymarking which is kinda the same thing BUT different... check it out I think you would like it too!!!
Have fun

The Good Luck Duck said...

Will do - thanks! Do you benchmark, too?

Sherry said...

Benchmark, waymark, guys are so hip like man I don't know. But I like the big guy although I want to know who wrote the sign and how do they know all that stuff about something hundreds or thousands of years old. Who did they ask anyway???

Teri said...

Cool Fisherman. I haven't tried geocaching, yet. Will the tiniest cactus still be tiny the next time you go that way? How long does it take them to grow?

The Good Luck Duck said...

We're the cool kids. You can sit with us.

I don't know how they know! Maybe it's written down in some old book and now we just believe it.

Teri, I don't know how fast they grow. I should learn that. I think they can be either hundreds or thousands of years old, and were invented by Native Americans.

Kate said...

Again, great photos. I keep thinking about geocaching but haven't tried it yet.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Kate! Geocaching is the kind of thing whose effect you can't predict. I thought it sounded kind of ho-hum, and then I went out and did it and it was so exciting! It's fun alone and with company.

Rubye Jack said...

Benchmark, waymark, geocache...
I am so out of it because I don't know what any of these things are and I even followed your link for geocache. Lost and confused. The pictures are pretty though. :)

Gaelyn said...

Glad they put a sign and fence up around the intaglio. Might help protect it some.

Still haven't tried geocaching. Yet am always excited when I find benchmarks.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Rubye Jack, it's all treasure-hunting where you don't have to be the first one there because it stays put. Benchmarking doesn't even require a GPS, and geocaching does, although a phone app is fine.

Gaelyn, do you ever log them?

Rick Doyle said...

Great pics! I don't think I'll ever be a Geocacher - I just don't get it!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Rick, you keep getting us through our technical difficulties and we'll find stuff for you.

Anonymous said...

We have not tried geocaching but have done Letterboxing which is somewhat similar but of an earlier vintage and without the technology... If you like puzzles you might like Letterboxing. Plus you end up with a collection of cool stamps. We have not done it in a few years, but when we did do it we had about a 75% success rate.

The Good Luck Duck said...

I remember you guys talking about that. It takes you to interesting places? For some reason, I have "Marconi" stuck in my head now. Did you do a Marconi-related letterbox?

75% is good. I don't know that my average is that high.

Jerry and Deb said...

It is so hard to get a good view from the ground, sure would be nice if we had a platform to stand on to get a decent shoot (picture).

Our hobbies are off-road in the back country, motorcycle rides, hiking, well basically anything outdoors. How long y'all staying in Q?

Donna K said...

I like the way you do math. If I have four cookies and leave two of them untouched does that mean I left 100% of them? Yes, I think I can live with that!! Great pictures...

The Good Luck Duck said...

Deb, that would be nice. It might stop me from stealing pictures from the internet. I don't know how long we're staying, but probably another week at least. Are you also in Q?

Donna, that's exactly right. It's time we threw off the yoke of numbers' tyranny. We make the percentages now!

meowmomma said...

Those chollo's will jump at you ~ don't get too close!!! lol

The Good Luck Duck said...

This is a story we have heard! I think they're just really easy and willing to let anyone pick them up.

154275 said...

Who puts a match to a cactus to see if it's highly flammable?

The Good Luck Duck said...

Let's assume it was an unfortunate tequila/campfire accident that resulted in a greater shared body of knowledge.

Anonymous said...

YES!!! I JUST discovered geocaching a few weeks back in Borego Springs and am already hooked. I'm a convert!!
I also love photography as a hobby on the road...and blogging too of course :)

Gaelyn said...

The only logging I do with benchmarks is with my camera.

Lu and Terry Oburn said...

I have never done geocaching but it sounds like fun and those who I know doing it love it.

I didn't know the teddy bear cholla are flammable but my hubby could tell you how prickly they are when you fall into a small forest of them! He was picking needles out of his hands and various other body parts for weeks. Quite the mess it was!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Nina, you'll never be the same. Your photography is great, and you know I like your blogging!

Gaelyn, sometimes it's useful to log them so that it's clear they still exist, but mostly I log them to feel good. :D

OH! I want to laugh. Is it too soon? There was no permanent cholla damage, was there? Thank goodness there was no flame, too.

Soaring Sun said...

Cholla are flammable? Dang, there goes my plans for this year's Christmas decorations...

The Good Luck Duck said...

Ha! Keep the cholla, lose the candles.

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