Friday, May 11, 2012

I don't mean to be arch.

Not golden in Sedona.
Scott's oriole. I think he needs to keep better track of his birds; this one was outside.
Annie got this Scott's shot right out the window. We thought he might be an Audubon's oriole, for you people who know, but the friendly volunteer at eBird told us it was unlikely, due to Audubon's orioles never being seen in this area. I am contemptuous of facts and details. I'm not going to argue with him, though - Annie had to convince me it was even a bird.

Speaking of never being seen in this area, guess who visited?
No, go on. You'll never guess. Guess!
She's a travel blogger, and never saw the appeal of the desert. Still, she was willing to give desert boondocking a try with us to see what she was missing. Carolyn Mystery Visitor, what did you think?

I feel like we've been enjoying a wonderfully unfair amount of spring this year, but these are the injustices that RVers face.
Prickly pears are in bloom.


Strawberry hedgehogs are still king here.


They seem sneaky, though.

There is no hedgehog here! No sirree, NO HEDGEHOGS HERE.
We're enjoying our new spot very much. It's quiet. Tour jeeps go past and point occasionally, making us feel like a welcome part of the scenery. We're a quick walk from the canyon. At night, there is only the sound of cows and coyotes, but we can see the distant lights of the highway far below.

If you visit Sedona, your Interagency (America the Beautiful) Pass will come in handy everywhere a Red Rock Country pass is required. Your pass is your pass. Enjoy, knowing you're getting an extra bargain in not-so-bargainy Sedona.

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Sherry said...

Ahhhh so nice that someone is getting spring. I don't think such a thing happens in Florida. It's warm and then it's hot. I think you actually have to have winter in order to get spring or am I wrong here???

Thought of you two and wished you were on the beach at Nokomis with us for that Pagan stuff.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Sherry, I think you may be too far south for spring. Boo. My mom notes springtime events, like robins passing through on their way north, and certain blossoms, but she's in Lake City.

The drum circle sounded fun! They do that twice a week?

Little House On Wheels said...

I will tell my son, Scott where his bird is. LOL

The Good Luck Duck said...

He must have been worried sick!

Judy and Emma said...

Audubon has been dead for so long, I'm sure it couldn't be his bird. :)

The Good Luck Duck said...

Very true, Judy. It must be his heir's bird. Scott Audubon.

Tesaje said...

Oh, I do suspect that you most certainly do mean to be arch!

Ain't the internet fun? Get to meet interesting people you might never cross paths otherwise.

The Good Luck Duck said...


True! And, we met Carolyn first exactly a year ago, in northern Georgia. Also internet-mediated.

Karen Snyder said...

Gosh, it's so much fun to read here; between your "archness" and the ongoing commentary that it sparks..... I've just grinned and chuckled from start to finish here today. :)

Kimbopolo said...

Wow I didn't know Carolyn had a blog! Or that Scott had an Oriole. Good to know.

Rubye Jack said...

I see life is still hard for you two. ah well, you do a good job of keeping up appearances. :)

swankiewheels said...

Carolyn??? I thought tha was me... but I don't have a ring like that, and don't remember grabbing Annie's chin????

Carolyn said...

Well? I just posted about my Sedona experience ;) .... and you took such a lovely picture of my holding up Annie's sweet head.,... I broke a sweat doing so ... and as stated on Facebook... I had to wipe my brow....

I do age reversal was inexpensive. sigh

Carolyn said...

... slap a wish between between do and age...

Terry said...

Ahem, Carolyn. We don't seem to stand on grimmer here. Oh, wait. That's grammer that we don't stand on. Plus, we're doing good to spell. That word "grammer" is showing up on my computer as misspelled.

So sad that the duck is SO far out of water. No wonder they are suffering.

Galen Pearl said...

Popped over from Carolyn's blog. Enjoyed my visit! Now following.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Yay, Galen! I'm glad you came over to the Duck side.

Terry and Carolyn, we do stand on grammer when she's had too much to drink and falls asleep on the rug. And Carolyn, nice post! Glad you found some place to Thai one on. hur hur hur QUACK!

Charlene, it certainly could be you, if it weren't Carolyn. Annie doesn't remember you grabbing her chin, either, so maybe it wasn't even Annie.

RJ, we keep calm and carry on.

Kim, this blog is here to educate. Also to remind you to post the final decision.

The comment section is fun for me, too, Karen. I wish it were easier for commenters to talk to one another, too. Until there's a fight. It's all fun and games 'till someone loses an eye.

Donna K said...

Well you are certainly getting some good photos - Scott has a very pretty bird.

We would use our Senior America the Beautiful pass but we had a senior moment and now we can't find it!! Wherever it is, it is with the Lane County Parks pass we also just purchased (and replaced). When we find one we find the other. I'm sure it's Russ's fault!

Gaelyn said...

I didn't know that pass would work in Sedona. Sure wish it gave other discounts there.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Oh Donna, you know how Russ is! He takes everything so literally. He saw that it said "pass" so he handed it to someone.

Gaelyn, I wish something gave other discounts here. Although our rent is pretty cheap.

sierrasue said...

Boondocking in Sedona? I would have thought it impossible these days. Sounds great !!!
Glad you taught Carolyn a thing or two about boondocking as well.
Yes, life looks hard on you girls.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Sue, it's still possible. Of course, we're a few miles out, so it's not exactly like we can park at Bell Rock. That's okay, though.

Hopefully Carolyn really did like the 'docking. I know it's easier to get started if you're not alone.

Carolyn said...

HAHaaa Terry... well? grammar is one thing but forgetting words .... ? I dunno

and yes indeed I loved the boondocking next to you two but like I said ... no way no how would I have ever or will I ... be out that far by myself.

But great experience and attitude adjustment... still feeling fine ;) even slept at Walmart serenely...

what will I do next .... truck stop serenity? hah

Great day at Jerome... y'all been there? Duck can't go... if you haven't.

Carolyn said...

oh, and Swankie? you ugly, too? you noticed my ring? Hahaaaa....

Annie doesn't have nary a wrinkle... and that nonwrinkled 40something face next to mine? have mercy

Levonne said...

I love the Sedona area too. Looks as though you guys are having a great time. Happy Mom's Day. Take care then and stay safe.

JOJO said...

I hear the desert blooms this year are awesome. Thank you for the pictures. Since I come up to the Show Low area for the summer now I miss the blooms. But I would rather be up here.

Happy Mothers Day!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Levonne. I'm hoping that crazy title situation gets cleared up for you guys quickly.

Jojo, Show Low (hee! that was fun!) sounds like a good summer destination. We're thinking of inching our way up the mountain toward Flag, so we can spend a little summer time with my cousins before we move too far out of range for a day trip.

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