Wednesday, August 15, 2012

North Rim, Grand Canyon high

After wondering what was wrong with me, I'm gratified to learn it's something with a name: altitude sickness.

We've been at 7000' all summer, so I'm sure it's far better than it could be. The book I was reading yesterday morning made me mad. Then I was angry at my oat bran. Then we went for a morning drive and I fell asleep. I walked to the car to get my computer and had to hold onto some old guy - he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

While Annie was here...

I was here.

A stubborn old cuss, and Brighty.
Annie says I'm mean at 9200 feet. I don't know what she's talking about.

At the Grand Lodge, on the Rim, we get fairly steady 3G. On the shady porch of the campground General Store we get wifi.  And maybe a latte. The campground also has a laundry.

If you haven't yet been to the North Rim, it's almost completely unrelated to the South. Sure, it has the Grand Canyon in common, whatever. The forest is different - spruce, fir, and aspen - and the air is different. Mountain meadows filled with wildflowers, like the 1998 calendar you saved for the pictures.

While we were drinking our tea this morning, a cow elk strolled her spotty twins through our back yard. She looked at us once, and seemed unimpressed.

Most of the time I'm cool, and then there are moments when my heart splits open.

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Sherry said...

Great post AGAIN! Love that North Rim. Sure wish I could get air lifted out there. But being in Tampa at the end of August and needing to be in Tampa at the beginning of November makes a trip to the GRAND view sound like warp speed. But I sure need some of those moments when my heart splits open. Thank you for giving me a wonderful summer of cool temperatures and beautiful pictures while I've been stuck here.

TexCyn said...

Wow, what views! But please warn Annie that the rock behind her was actually some kind of aztec lizard waiting to get her! I think I'd react to high altitudes too. Course, you know where I live...flat, flat & flatter country here!

Jan Goldfield said...

Drink water, water, water and more water to help with that altitude sickness. It should subside within 3 days. If not, going back downhill will make it go away.

From the old mountain climber.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Good advice, Jan! We're almost to three days, and we've been staying pretty hydrated. Maybe that's why it hasn't been worse than this.

You're right, Cyn - that rock looks a little sinister. Luckily, it's not fast.

Yeah, Sherry, that might be too fast a trip. You probably have the RBCs to do okay WAY up here, but it might take David longer to crank them out.

Andra Watkins said...

Roxanne, I have wanted to visit the North Rim for a long time. Been to the South Rim, but I spent most of that time gazing longingly at the North Rim and wishing I was over there. Some day. I'm glad you're both enjoying it, and I hope the altitude gets easier for you.

Karen Snyder said...

I've seen neither rim, and I've got "attitude" sickness; not at all nice of me to be envious though, and I'll do my best to get over it quickly! :)

Your photos are breathtaking! Feel better soon!

Steve said...

I love that place. I often wonder if they have Rim Employment there.

Janie and John said...

I loved the south rim and look forward to visiting the north rim someday

Jeannie and Eldy said...

Hope you get to feeling better so you can continue to enjoy your beautiful surroundings!

Dragonfly said...

Had altitude sickness once. Think it had to do with an existing ear ache. Took Benydrl, was even spacier then normal but it cleared up after a few days.

Happy Trails said...

We just missed you! Chuck and I left last Saturday and loved it at north rim! We were lucky enough to see rainstorms IN the canyon! Amazing! Photos on our blog. I was sick with altitude sickness almost the whole time we were there! We were at Monument Valley yesterday and now spending a few quiet days in Bluff Utah. Enjoy your visit! Hope you got to meet Gaelyn!

Donna K said...

We live at the dizzying altitude of 400'. Not sure what I would do at 9200. I might get mean too and I know how!! Loved the picture of the old gray mare.

Teri said...

Water, water, water. Drink lots. Add some lemon, orange and cucumber slices to a picture of water. Its like "gatorade" without all of the sugar.

Hope you feel well enough to go on some of the side roads described on the North Rim map, and don't forget Angels Window.

Teri said...

Ooops, I had forgotten that the parking lot at the North Rim is far from the stores and the rim. When we were there in May 2009, they had little golf cart shuttles that will drive you around the parking lot.

Contessa Jewall said...


Al Bossence said...

We so much enjoyed the North Rim better than the South Rim. And I do remember taking some photos of Brighty back in 92 & he's looking much the same as I remember him:))

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

You are too funny! I got a great belly laugh out of the picture with you and Brighty. :c)

Anonymous said...

Your photos are amazing!

The Odd Essay said...

I like the north rim better, too. Love your photos! Like the others say... drink lots of water.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Andra! We do feel much better today! Next time, you should come up, although it's such a long trip that I understand why people don't.

OH Steve. You've echoed our running joke here. Wondering how we might apply for that Rim position, etc.

You'll love it here, Janie.

Thanks, Jeannie. It seems like three days was the magic number.

Dragonfly, it seems that would make it all the worse. I had some dizziness as it was.

Happy Trails, where did you stay? I'll check out your pix. Sorry to hear the sickness didn't subside, but you obviously enjoyed it anyway. We hope to meet Gaelyn next week!

Donna, that's just what Russ said!

Teri, thanks for the Angel's Window suggestion - it's amazing!

Contessa, did I pass?

Al, I think Brighty's nose may have been rubbed even shinier for luck. I can see how you would enjoy it here more. So much quieter, so much more solitude. Did you park up in the forest?

Thanks, Marti! :D

Thank you, Paint!

Thanks, Sharon. Yep, we're drinking and drinking and drinking...wait, water?

Barbara and Ron said...

OMG! Now I have something to blame my meanness on. Now that I think about it, the times we've been above 9000 feet, I've been pretty moody too. I never connected it. We're back at 8000 feet and I think I'm OK, although maybe I should ask Ron.

The Good Luck Duck said...

I didn't connect it until a ranger mentioned the symptom. I think asking your partner is only asking for trouble. Ron: answering your partner is only asking for trouble.

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