Monday, November 26, 2012

Tucson dispersed camping

There's an unexpected boondocking area in the Tucson area, and we're there. This is not our usual habitat; there is some road noise, and some air noise. We find it completely satisfactory, though. We have a tree for under-sitting. The site we chose is pretty level, and the area is convenient to places we want to be.  And, there's something relaxing about road noise when you expect road noise.

I'm gonna confess: it's a relief to be out of National Forests and back to BLM for a while. [BLM rangers, no "famous last words," please.] We haven't had any unpleasant NFS encounters at all; that's not what I'm saying. But, the arbitrary 300 foot rule that overrides obviously perfect campsites that are 400 feet from the road stinks. And, the miles and miles of ravine and completely inaccessible roadside that are labeled "permitted," followed by lovely, level, accessible sites that are off-limits can make me lose my religion. What religion? Exactly.

I just needed to work that past my crop.

NFS rangers say we can write to suggest recommissioning campsites we especially like. So far, in the Prescott region I find only snail mail addresses. They probably aren't funded enough to handle email traffic, so if you want to contribute you have to be willing to work a little harder at it.




The clouds of dust are made by weekend ATVers. It has been suggested that strict NFS rules were aimed at destructive off-road travel, but may impact RVers more.
These guys are on a permitted road, and this is Bureau of Land Management anyway.
I don't begrudge ATVers their fun. I'm having fun every day, and these folks mostly have to save their dust-kicking for weekends. It seems to me that most of them are staying on-road.

Sonoran face-off
This distance is pretty close in the boondocking world. We figured maybe he didn't feel like being alone that night. We've all been there. The gas stations have all closed down. We've stayed past last call, and we just can't bear to head back to the RV park. We just needed companionship. Don't judge him. At that hour, the Duck looked like a 10.

Also great to see again: saguaros. Love those pointing guys.

Saguaro you headed? 
That way.

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Gaelyn said...

I stayed on BLM not far enough from an airport around Tucson. Staying long?

The Good Luck Duck said...

We're open to other spots, if you happen to know of any...we may stay a spell, if we like Tucson and don't get bored.

Lynne (WinnieViews) said...

Ah, you're back in my old stopping grounds! For having to work in a city last winter, it sure was a nice-sized one with plenty of good eats, culture, and conveniences (without being obnoxiously large like Phoenix or Vegas).

Love those saguaros! If you haven't done it yet, take the drive up Mt. Lemmon in the late afternoon to watch the sunset over the city from one of the various turn-outs. Spectacular!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Lynne! Great tips - we'll do that.

Spotted Dog Ranch: said...

My friend's daughter used to pronounce Tucson like Tuckson. I would like to know what it means and where it came from (the word, not the town), but I'm too lazy to Google it.

Just be outta there before February and the Gem and Mineral Show. Yikes!

The Good Luck Duck said...

I'll be darned, Chinle, that's how it's said in Spanish, according to Wiki. Originally an O'odham word.

Wow, that show is too big for me in Q. I imagine it swells to fill its city.

Karin said...

Tucson??? Message coming your way via facebook. Be on the lookout!

BTW...this is Brenda, via Karin's account. Because my computer is being a butt and I don't feel like logging her out and me in. Pure laziness, I know. :)

The Good Luck Duck said...

Standing by!!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Oh, Chinle, it means "city at the bottom of black hill," or something like that.

Karen and Al said...

nice site. I don't blame the guy for wanting to be near someone else. I think I'd be a bit nervous all by my lonesome too.

Cj Cozygirl said...

Check out this blog...she winters in Tucson and summers in Oregon in a park community but has much to say about Tuscon...and a fun follow :O)

Tricia (Geeky Explorers) said...

Tucson = Sonoran hot dogs. I was just thinking of those the other day and can't believe it's been almost a year since we were camping in Catalina! Enjoy the desert.

Soaring Sun said...

I happened to be in Tucson about this time last year and totally enjoyed the Christmas concert by the local men's chorus. Check it out!

The Good Luck Duck said...

Nice tip, Sue - thanks! I'll look into it!

Sonoran hot dogs? Google had better be my friend. Thanks, Tricia! I'm assuming they're food?

CJ, thank you for the blog to look into!

Karen, I don't blame him/her, either. It could be daunting.

Sherry said...

Boondocking outside of Tucson. You guys rock! No wonder the little fella wanted to be near the ducks. He may follow you everywhere now. Ducks in a row you know. :-))

The Good Luck Duck said...

You're saying he may have imprinted on us? Well, that could be cute.

Anonymous said...

We love the Tucson area and I agree that saguaros are quite awesome.

pollen arts said...

looks great !! I've just heard of a place called Safford AZ that has some nice hot springs ; ) just down the way from Tucson - - on the 'to do' list for the ol' Winnie ; )

The Good Luck Duck said...

Ooh, hot springs. It looks like Safford is a bit more than two hours from us. I wonder if it has boondocking...

Molly, I think we could love it, too!

Spotted Dog Ranch: said...

Hey, thanks for doing my homework for me. :)

Could you also write this book I'm working on (kind of).

The Good Luck Duck said...

I did homework?? ACK! Yes, I will write your book free-association style (which is not as cool as Gangnam Style, but free).

Allison said...

Did someone say Sonoran hot dogs? Go here: El G├╝ero Canelo, on S 12th Ave. They're very good. He has multiple locations, but we like S 12th. Have you been to San Xavier Mission at sunset? Very pretty. February is a little crowded with the Gem show, the Rodeo and Match Play, but it can all be avoided quite easily. Glad you are here and enjoying the tree.

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