Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Buying land in Arizona and finding a dog in the desert.

We like to browse real estate listings, especially for desert land. It's a poor woman's hobby, and pretty exciting if you have a 4X4 to check things out in.

There is quite a bit of wild Arizona land for sale, and some of it is fairly cheap, like us. If you're reading this on a cold February day in New York State, you're fed up enough to buy some sight-unseen. But first, let us show you the unseen sights.

We bumped over a lot of road, but this turned us around. This is something Google won't tell you: you own land, but you can't get to it.

Edna, they have AVENUES! How bad could it be?

Edna, who knew it could be this bad?


Your land may be a thoroughfare. I'm not saying this is a deal-breaker. If you bring an RV to your property, travelers will probably find a quieter route. 

Charming property with three wells! Perfect for alternative housing fans! Bring your imagination and a cash offer! Won't last long!

Edgy, avant garde embellishments festoon this quaint locale!

Thanks, Google. That clears it up.

Your land may have a wash running through it. This is not dreadful, unless you park in it. Look at the height of the vertical part of the bank. You can expect this much water to run through it. If this wash is wide, or it intercepts your access to the road, you may find yourself cut off from escape travel. I've been told by locals that when a wash is flooded, you can expect 20-30 minutes of delay. DO NOT drive through a wash with running water. This is a flash flood, and that water moves. Please don't make your children remember Daddy from the Darwin Awards.*

*These would not be your biological children


You shouldn't expect to drop a well here, and in some cases, you may not find a service to bring water in. Roads can be primitive.

If all this excites rather than discourages, you may be the perfect candidate for the most complete quiet most people will never experience. Shove over - we'll park next to you.

Excitement runs high here at the Ducky part of the desert, where we've had a sleepover.

We met this very nice fella three weeks ago, right here at the ranch. He was looking good! Spirits high, a pal by his side. They dropped in to say "Howdy! Bygones!" after chasing us for a mile in the Tracker.   [It was a scary mile.]

Happier times

When he showed up Sunday night, he was alone and skeletal. He showed off his ribs like he had held up a BBQ joint. He just wandered up and laid down in front of the Duck. Annie fed him and we expected he'd head home, but he stayed all night; he even did some guard duty with a few massive WOOFs. Will wOrk fOr Food.

Yesterday morning he just stayed on, laying in the sun. "Good boy!" got a tail thump, but that's all. He was sad and tired.

It's going to get cold in these parts. AGAIN. *shakes tiny ineffectual fists at Arizona* So, we coaxed him inside as practice, in case he needs to come in later this week. Today he's back out charting the desert, so we'll see what happens tonight. Maybe he just needed some time away to think, and he'll head back to wherever he considers home. He'll apologize to the missus, maybe bring her something dead. WE WERE ON A BREAK! We think there's a story there, though.

Back in the Northeast, in this situation I'd say "Did you lose a nice yellow dog? I mean, did you stop feeding a nice yellow dog? Did you do something so bad that a loyal individual like a dog would leave you?" ←  I would say this to myself in the car on the way over

Here in Arizona, a mile from the nearest county road, I'd say "Put that gun away. Did you stop feeding a nice yellow dog ... ?"

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brad said...

[LOL's at "pekerwood" pic]

Great update - your land looks beautiful, and the new addition to your family looks grateful.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Brad, I wondered who would put their life or limbs at risk to say "Peker wood"? Is that the particular profanity I would choose live on as my legacy?

The Good Luck Duck said...

Nope, I would misspell some other word entirely.

Kimbopolo said...

Poor little feller! Bet he's happy now just having a full belly.

Thanks for the Arizona real estate tutorial. The graffitist must have used up his 'C' spelling some other insipid noun.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Hahaha Kim!! We just went through a list of obscenities, leaving out their "c." It was pretty funny.

Merikay said...

That poor old dog. I had two yellow labs and enjoyed them both very much. Dogs do not want to be Free.

Sherry said...

You feed him he's yours. But what else can you do?? Do your cats like nice yellow dogs??

Texas Yellow Rose said...

Okay, was that really parts of a ceiling fan in that well? I'm feeling very torn here; either I spotted something unique or am stating the obvious. If I ever want to purchase Arizona real estate, I'll enlist your expert advice to make sure I get a plot complete with a yellow dog. :)

Donna K said...

Good luck, duck!! Hope old Yeller finds a home with you or with others who will appreciate him. Hate to see a skinny, sad dog.

klbexplores said...

So the Ducks are a multi-cat home with a dog. Who will guard who?

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Breaks my heart to see such a beautiful dog with no home. It was so nice of you to feed him. Surely he could be a Good Luck Dog. :c)

Soaring Sun said...

What's one more? Of course, he's a different species than what you already have, but I can't imagine that you'd hold that against him.

Jim and Gayle said...

Gonna get a bit crowded in there with all those cats and a big dog. Hope he finds his former home and doesn't think you guys are it!

Teri said...

Wonder what happened to his friend, perhaps that's why he's sad. Poor dog.

Judy and Emma said...

I have a big soft spot for yellow labs...

intrepid-decrepit-traveler said...

Um, maybe not for us, BUT we both know how NYS sad sacks LONG for warmer days than February offers, and they might be sorely tempted to pick out one of these fine sites sight unseen. Thank goodness, you've provided them w/ a legit way out. Hey, what about you guys? You buyin'?

(I like that: "sites sight." You?)

JO said...

That one place that your turned back from just needs a bridge.
We have a Stupid Motorist Law, for fools that drive into these flooded washes. Yes every year some fool drives into one and gets washed away. Some get lucky some not. What's worse is when they have their children in the car.

Poor pup, I hate to think what may have happened to his buddy. His collar doesn't have a tag does it?

Campobellosightseeing.blogspot.com said...

You did the right thing. Poor dog. Looks nice.

Anonymous said...

Bless you both for helping out the pup. Having also rescued a puppy from way out in the desert, I simply cannot fathom how people can do this. If he's as skinny as you said, it doesn't sound like he just wandered away for a couple days. You and he/she will be in our thoughts -- that a happy solution is found for all!


154275 said...


I wonder if it is worse to be a bad speller if you are a graffiti artist or a skywriter?

Doyle & Terri Johnson said...

Those wells are just a potential swimming pool and hot tub, you just have to use your imagination!

Looks like you have a new dog, that's how we ended up with our two cats, they just came around, ate something and stayed!

Looks like you are having fun in the desert, we hope to get over that way some day....still languishing in Florida, "Oh, the pain...of bright sunlight"

The Good Luck Duck said...

D & T, you should be writing real estate ads!

I guess that's a thing, isn't it? Come for dinner, stay for life? Makes you more cautious about who you invite for burritos.

Rodney, skywriting will eventually dissipate, but a lot of people see it first. So, I vote skywriter.

Aw, thank you, Renee. I don't know how that comes to pass, either. We've decided to keep him, so I do hope that's the happy solution for him, too.

Thanks, P&B. He does seem to be a very nice dog. Not that we were looking for a nice dog, but we try to roll with the tides.

Jo, he doesn't have a tag, but we know where he lived. He knows, too. What is the Stupid Motorist Law? I hope that's what it's really called.

Ha Nickie! I like it. We found a spot that just felt good - you know what I'm saying - but we're not sure there's a way in for anything other than a 4x4. And, our borrowed land is lovely; it just inspired us to dream of something similar of our own.

I know it, Judy. There's something really sweet about them. And a little dumb (sometimes).

I don't know, Teri. I really feel like there was a sea change in that household over the last three weeks. I'm sure he is puzzled and sad.

Jim and Gayle, with what we've seen, we're not inclined to send him back. We'll make space, and we've got a big desert for him to walk/run in. We'll stack cats on him for storage.

We're no specists, Sue! Although eventually, we're hoping some cats will hold themselves against him (snuggle).

Paul and Marti, it looks that way!

Karen, I shudder to think.

Donna, hopefully we can be good pack leaders. We'll have to watch our natural tendencies - we hate to see a skinny anything.

Betty, I think you're right. I couldn't identify what I was seeing, but that sounds true. I offer you my Arizona Yellow Dog Realty services.

It's true, isn't it Sherry? They don't love him...yet.

They don't, do they Merikay? They want to be safe in a pack. We'll have to learn to be good lead dogs, like Cesar!

Tesaje said...

wonder what happened to his buddy? Did you feed him cat food? A dog could be a nice addition to the duck menagerie.

The Good Luck Duck said...

We wonder, too, Mary. We did feed him cat food until we could get some dog stuff. And, I hope so, 'cause he's here!

The Odd Essay said...

I know a woman who attends out of town conferences with her husband... then goes to a real estate office "to buy" a house. She gets a free tour of the area... doesn't even have to drive. Wonder if the real estate agents out there would take you out in the boonies to those lovely places? (yeah.... right ;-)

The Good Luck Duck said...

I thought the same thing, Sharon. I imagined them bumping along in hopes of the commission on an $1800 sale.

Mary said...

I laughed at "Peker Wood" until I said it outloud. Peeker Wood. Gave it a whole 'nuther meaning........

Al Bossence said...

Two thumbs up for the Ducks in their decision to first help. & then take Franklin in. Good for you guys....we would have done the same thing. The animal world needs more Good Luck Ducks:))

Rick Doyle said...

That flash flood video was awesome - thanks for posting it.

Sure hope that dog does have a home to return to.

Cj Cozygirl said...

What a sweet looking pup....!! Thanks for the reminder on watching the waterways...I'm not into desert boating :O)

Contessa said...

How kind of you and the cats to open your home. You just never know what tomorrow is going to bring.

Linda Sand said...

That flash flood video was impressive. As I drive on AZ Highway 95 and see the signs that say not to enter a dip if there is water on the road I wonder what you do. Do you just stop right there on the highway until the water recedes? I wouldn't trust my rig to most of the shoulders along the road.

Happy Trails said...

Labs are amazing Canines! The ones I have had always got along very well with my Felines! Labs love everybody and every thing! Because I am very hard of hearing... I trust a dog to alert me when something/someone is outside the camper door! If it is a curious person outside, a barking dog will send him/her on their way! To my way of thinking, a dog is always a good addition to your life, even better when you have rescued them! Geri

Allison said...

Thank you for posting that video. I've never seen the leading edge of a flash flood. Hope you are doing OK out in the desert with the clouds and this steenking wind. Thank you for taking in the dog. I hope he'll come back for tonight. Yesterday we found a crested saguaro on a hike.

Harriet said...

Yellow Dog , Yellow Ducks it's kismet. Labs are the best with kittys, I find. So gentle a dog to have around the house and good to have another pair of eyes when you guys go hiking.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Harriet, some friends of ours took their German shepherd to rattlesnake-avoidance class. I wonder if this guy is already savvy enough, or if that might be a good idea.

I hadn't either, Allison! Although now I want to. It's just the way I imagined it. We rocked all night long in this wind. It's different for us here in the Southwest; back "home" there are always localized weather patterns. Here it seems that the weather is huge.

Nice crested! You should have let us assume you took the Google shot. :D

Geri, we're feeling discouraged this morning, because he is so fearful of coming inside, and because it's raining. He'd rather be out there then to walk back in the door and eat. :( We imagine he's been punished for trying to come indoors, so that's another thing we'll have to help him past. And, yes. I feel like he'll notice someone lurking before I will.

Linda, if I felt at all uncertain about the wash, I would probably wait right there. I don't have any real-life experience about driving through.

So true, Contessa. Thanks.

Right, Cozygirl! Or surfing.

Glad you liked it, Rick. I was pretty awed by it, too.

Al, should I confess that we thought of you guys even before we thought of keeping him? I had a testimonial all typed out for Kelly (who we know is the keeper of the Doggie Door), and I did such a good job selling him that we decided to have him stay. D'oh!

OMG, Mary! You're right! That sounds much more sinister. Close the blinds.

Desert Diva said...

I'm glad you've "adopted" Franklin. One strange thing (or maybe not) is that apparently no one has come looking for him. That says either the owner doesn't care about or can't take care of the dog anymore.

My brother in Tennessee had a yellow lab (now gone to the Rainbow Bridge) who was amazing. "Zoie" snuggled up to me on the couch when I had to put down my first dog Mei-Mei to comfort me. When Cali was a pup, Zoie "fetched" Cali out of a lake and made her come back to shore when she was chasing - uh, a duck!

He seems like a sweet boy!

Zophie said...

Wonderful you decided to keep him! Try luring him inside with treats and when he comes, reward him with something super yummy. My best training treats were beef liver sliced to about 1/4 inch thick, boiled and then diced into tiny bits and I dehydrated them long enough that they aren't messy, but still feel spongy and are chewable, they don't get too much food out of them but they smell them and it is yummy. They will work for them, and training gets easier. It is a great reward for a wanted behavior.
Please don't give up on him, it might be a challenge at first, but he surely will die alone in desert. I love reading stories where an animal in trouble finds a kind people to live happily ever after.

The Good Luck Duck said...

We think you're right, Cheryl. It seems like something changed. Maybe the old owner died, and the family didn't want Franklin? I mean, he has some issues, but he has been neutered and fed up until fairly recently. Zoie sounds great, and labs have a great rep for being sweet and...retrievers. :D

Thanks for that liver idea, Zophie. It would be healthier and cheaper than the truckload of treats it will take to get Franklin past his issues and into some training. Yeah, we can't see leaving him here, so getting him inside voluntarily will be an important step.

Thanks, you guys, for all the encouragement.

Happy Trails said...

I have a great, quick and easy peanut butter doggie treats recipe on my blog if you are interested!
Our dogs love them and when you make them, you know what goes into them! Word of warning, stay away from Beneful dog food. Causing a lot of kidney (or liver?) failures and death. Our friends dog died after a short illness and the Vet said it was Beneful. Lots of info about it online and some folks are talking lawsuits against Beneful!

TexCyn said...

Is it possible that this dog had recently been adopted by the previous people & hasn't settled in yet? Looks like a young dog in the pics. Sometimes young dogs don't gain weight till older. Ken Ilgunas (the guy walking the XL pipeline) had a young lab follow him after he befriended him, then it became a "what have I done" ordeal. He did the right thing & finally did find the dogs home. Come to find out, the family had not had the dog very long yet, he was young & still underweight. And had no confidence, so took Ken on as his leader. THe family was so thrilled to have him back! They thought he was a goner & were worried about him. Country dog, country living, thus always loose.

If any of my dogs got away from me, being that they are sighthounds & thin by nature (no fair), someone would automatically think the worst. And some of them would shy away, making you think they were abused. But it would be because they really don't know you.

It's possible that he needs worming too. I wonder if he just wandered off & the chocolate lab went back home without him?

SwankieWheels said...

Don't forget to check on line for posts about lost dogs and any nearby town's newspapers and posts in groceries.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Good ideas, y'all.

We already know where he lives. We met him back when he was full-figured. His house is a mile from here. No sign of the chocolate. It's a big desert, but a small neighborhood.

Geri, I'd like your treat recipe - can I search for it?

JO said...

Yes it is a real law and that is the name. Fines could reach thousands of dollars to pay for rescue and equipment.

Happy Trails said...

Link to doggie peanut butter treats....


enjoy! Did you get some snow today???

Happy Trails said...

ahhhhhh, I meant hope the new pup enjoys the peanut butter treats, not sure Ducks like peanut butter!

Danielle said...

What a cutie... I don't think I will ever understand someone who could abandon an animal.

I think I saw that movie Peker Wood.

Speaking of weather, today we got a bit of snow outside Tucson! Yaay for snow. It's all been washed away by the rain, though.

The Good Luck Duck said...

And Son of Peker Wood.

Don't I know it! We're a few hundred feet higher than you guys, so we watched you get snowed on. While we were getting snowed on.

Laura said...

Awww ... what a sweet Lab. Both of them. Makes me sad to think that his buddy is gone. Be careful with giving him too much cat food -- really rich, compared to the doggy stuff. And peanut butter is pretty high in sugar, unless you get the unadulterated stuff (I give mine Laura Scudder's unsalted). But bribery is a great motivator, especially if he's hungry. He might not be so afraid of coming into your rig as climbing the stairs, especially if he can see through them. Some dogs -- mine included -- have perception issues, and don't like going up anything that can be perceived as not solid. If that's the case with your stairs, you might try covering them so he can't see through them.

Okay. Enough advice. I do that when it comes to dogs. Like people don't already know these things. It's what dog lovers tend to do, so I hope you'll humor me -- and forgive me. Especially since this is the first time I've commented on your blog (which I've been reading for a loooong time now).

Pam Wright said...

Great real estate tour...maybe a new career!!

Poor dog! Glad he is going to have a great new home:)

George and Suzie Yates said...

Such beautiful open country side in Arizona , sure miss it this winter, next year thou.
Just wonderful how this lonely dog dropped by to visit and you are taking care of him.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Laura, I'm so glad you could be nudged into the open by a nice pooch. We'll watch the sugar and salt in the PB, and now that he's got dog food he's still hungry enough to think of that as a treat.

That's funny that dogs do that with stairs. So do I.

Thanks, Pam - I would probably like selling real estate if I didn't do it to eat.

Thanks, George & Suzie. Yes, it's still amazing to us out here.

Mike and Terri said...

Awww -- what a precious dog. It breaks our heart to think the poor guy was abandoned. You guys are the best for taking him in!

hobbea said...

Holy Macaroni! Now I understand that a flash flood can kill people. I never thought.....boy-o-boy....!
Thanks for sharing.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Mike and Terri. That's kind of you. Yeah, we think he's pretty cool, too.

Bea, it's pretty wild, isn't it? I'd like to see this in person, high on a safe bank.

Rabbit said...

Any updates? Did you get on Facebook or anything? THanks!!!

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