Sunday, May 26, 2013

Las Cruces, New Mexico: I blame the Supermoon

I'm still hanging out here with Cheryl, and soon I won't be. It's time for both of us to hit separate roads. But, first, we have stuff to do!

Like, the Las Cruces farmer's market.
Not for sale at Living Harvest Bakery. Just buy the bread.

Does this giant kettlecorn bag make my butt look big?
Not yet.

Downtown Las Cruces has a small, but respectable, desert museum. And, it's free! And, it's cool in there! So, I stopped whining.

Collared lizards: You'll never take me alive, see? You dirty rat.

Oh snap.

Desert tarantula. Not the Arizona blond you're so used to seeing.

Box turtle

The Wool We Worth...misty watercolor memories

My plan is to point toward Silver City, more or less, if I don't head generally, non-specifically toward Cloudcroft. But, if I do, that's definitely where I may go.

Nina and Paul make Pie Town sound like a can't miss stop, and they recommend The Pie Town Cafe. Sue, on the other hand, followed the cars to Pie-O-Neer. Maybe I'll stay long enough to try them both. C'mon. It's pie. Is it really going to be bad?



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Anonymous said...

I have one of those hanging out at the house.... I'm just not going to say which one. Safe travels where ever you go. Pepper Anne

The Good Luck Duck said...


Kate said...

Small children in RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME hats make me terribly happy.

Loiosh and I were at the farmers' market, too! The other one, though.

Donna K said...

Big ad in today's sale papers: "Baby sale"!! No thanks - I'll buy something else instead.

That an adorable picture of the little one with the red hat. Lovely to look at but glad they aren't mine! Gee - you would think I don't like kids (not true). I must be in a mood!! I'll take the pie instead....

Texas Yellow Rose said...

I'll buy the bread and perhaps even a pie but will pass on the baby and the tarantula . . . blond or not. I wonder if the blond tarantulas (or is it tarantulae?) actually DO have more fun?

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

Pie! Now that's a great plan!

Contessa said...

Fun shots, glad you are having a good time.

Jim and Gayle said...

I wouldn't go out of your way to go stop at Pietown. We tried the Pie Town Cafe and at $5 a slice, it was way below our expectations. Perhaps we should have tried the Pie-O-Neer.
If you get to Dolores, CO, be sure to pick up a pie at the Dolores Food Market. Soooo much better than Pietown! Probably not vegan but sometimes I just don't want to know.

Gaelyn said...

Did you say pie? Which way do we go?

Karen Snyder said...

I'm with Gaelyn... Clever segue there at the end. :)

Sherry said...

Everybody is into pie. Personally I like the sunglasses hooked on the shirt under the scarf and beside the purse thing. Make what butt look big??

Where's the LIKE button for 'Evil Seed of Corporate Greed'??

Tesaje said...

smile, smile, smile. Your post made me smile.

If you are on your way to being on your own, is the Spud all ready for you?

Desert Diva said...

It's kinda like "The Hotel California" here, huh?

The Good Luck Duck said...

Cheryl, I can check out anytime I want, but... Happy Hour? Okay, I'll take one more hot shower, then ... TV? :D

Mary, I'm glad! Spud is chomping at her bit out in the driveway. I've had time to reevaluate stuff in there, and Cheryl has outfitted me with good stuff that will increase my comfort and car-camping-coolness factor.

Sherry, I'll trade you my look for pie. Once the MonsaNtO guy had passed, I looked at my kettlecorn and realized it was probably GM. He didn't look like he was judging me, though.

Karen and Gaelyn, it's a pie date! Don't sit under the apple pie with anyone else but me.

Gayle, you didn't like the town, either? Bummer. I figured it would at least be cute. And pie. Okay, maybe I'll follow the cars like Sue and Steve did. Speaking of not wanting to know, I ate FOUR (4) slices of Living Harvest bread with "margarine" before I read the container. No wonder it was delicious.

Thanks, Contessa! It's fun here.

Cyndi, right? What could be bad?

Excellent choice, Betty! We may need to poll a few thousand for statistical accuracy.

Donna, you and me and pie. No babies, no matter HOW deeply-discounted they are.

Kate, I was at The Other One, too. Didn't see you. Kids and dogs in hats=HAHAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

What's getting passed in photo #10? Does it rhyme with anoint?

Soaring Sun said...

The pie at Pie-O-Neer does not disappoint, even at nearly $5 per slice. Mine was nearly $6.50 because I had it topped with ice cream. I had blueberry and Steve had cherry, so I got to taste them both, and they were my favorite type of pie--not too sweet, a little piquant.

The coffee was very good. Perhaps best of all was the green chile stew, which is one of only two "main course" offerings at Pie-O-Neer. It was the best green chile stew I've eaten. Don't tell my friend Raydene that, though!

Nothing at Pie-O-Rama...I mean vegan. Nothing.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Ha Rob! I assumed it was a gesture of affection.

Hoo boy. No French fries, even? Or, are they cooked in lard, too? On second thought, I CAN'T HEAR YOU.

judilyn said...

When you go to downtown Silver City, take your camera and put on your slo-mo hat. Get off the main street and check out the art galleries and surrounds for THE best photo ops. Find the big metal dragonfly up in the air.

Ask directions to Pinos Altos. It's about half an hour away, but so fun to photograph. Look for the broken down limousine and The Buckhorn Restaurant.

Nancy said...

I like four kinds of pie. Hot, cold, covered and uncovered. Yep!

Kimbopolo said...

You make that caramel corn look more adorable than it already is!

JO said...

It will be hard to leave the area don't you think. I'm only looking at the pictures and want to stay.

Good travels to you.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Judie, SUPER tip on Pinos Altos - thank you! I love it already.

Nancy, good luck finding THOSE kinds of pies anywhere.

Tee hee, Kim! Thanks. *curtsey*

I think so, Jo. It's got its allure, fer sure. Thank you!

Happy Trails said...

We stopped at the Pie-o-neer and nearly choked at the $25 per pie price! So we decided on the $5 per slice instead and we can happily recommend the apple with cranberries pie! YUM! Ours was hot out of the oven!

Happy Trails said...

also, we recommend Datil Well campground also, 20 miles east of Pie Town, $5 per night dry camping and good wifi!

The Good Luck Duck said...

That sounds yum, Geri. I had already sort of decided on New Mexico Apple, but maybe I'll stay long enough for both (all?). I've heard from Sue Soaring Sun, too, that Datil Wells is a winner. So, I'll check that out, too!

swankiewheels said...

Think about joining up with the Summer RTR near Flagstaff AZ. Should be people there you know (not me, I'm on my way to WA and then Alaska to kayak my 49th state) and lots of good food to share. Vandwellers/Travelers are becoming a really good community. Internet signal and close to stores and restrauants. But wherever you go... Happy Trails.

Good Luck Duck said...

I won't rule out RTR. I think I may miss it, though, because I want to spend time in NM. Enjoy Alaska!

Pat said...

Pie is good. Pietown is high on my must go to places. Enjoy.

Good Luck Duck said...

Pie is very good.

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