Thursday, August 1, 2013

Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Hyde Memorial State Park

Santa Fe has a sparkle. Could be because there's no oxygen to block out the light. It's the kind of sparkle that hypnotizes you into taking off your shades and inviting the stabs into your brain.

Spud likes it here, too. Hyde Memorial State Park gets three stars out of five. Beautiful forested campsites, well-developed, some shelters, vault toilets, very few water sources, loud traffic, visitor's center is never open, office wasn't opened when I went. There are nice-looking trails, too. Elevation is about 8500 feet at the park, and I felt all but 23 of them.

A can opener stands between me and my meal. When something costs 79¢ you've gotta ask why.

The rest of this post is picture. I'm at McDonald's, and they don't like you to use a lot of words here.

St. Francis of Assisi 

The Plaza

The Time

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Kimbopolo said...

I'm sensing good shopping. Wonderful photos, as always.

Geri Moore-Hajek said...

Santa Fe is beautiful! Spent one winter there. No Christmas lights, everyone uses luminarias... even downtown! Enjoy your stay!

Anonymous said...

Did Mac Daddy's really hassle you about your wifi use? Never seen that, not surprised however. When Kris and I were making the house ready to move in I spent a couple hours every morning surfing and posting at the local Mickey D's, while slowly sipping my small coffee...

Linda Sand said...

It amazes me how many people start camping with no idea they will need a can opener. When asked, my Mom always told them to bring an empty jar with a tight fitting lid, too. The first morning they cooked breakfast and wondered what to do with that hot grease the finally understood her instruction. It's hard to guess what you will need for a new to you enterprise.

Sue Soaring Sun said...

Beautiful photos! Recently somebody proposed those pedi-cabs for downtown Truth or Consequences. I can't see it here.

Jan Goldfield said...

I love Santa Fe. Spent a couple of months there years ago. Got a hundred dollar free Christmas tree. Someday when you have time, I will tell you the story of the free tree. It's funny now.

Jim and Gayle said...

You didn't mention that Hyde Memorial is a dead zone for cell or internet, although I'm sure everyone assumed that since you were posting from McDonald's. The cooler temperatures help make up for the negatives and it's definitely convenient to Santa Fe.

So did you use your teeth to open the cans?

BoNanZa said...

A great farmers market on Saturday!

The Odd Essay said...

Last time we were there we'd taken the Roadrunner up from Belen.. loved it. I'm kinda surprised that McD gave you a rough time... we've used them off and on (without ever buying anything) and felt quite welcome. Oh well... There's a bookstore there, name I can't remember.... but a good one. damned memory of mine. Have a great time, it's a great place to be3.

Dragonfly said...

I wanna be free, I miss NM so badly. Stay in NM so you can keep taking these wonderful pictures, please.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Good tour. We really enjoyed that area:)

Me and My Dog ...and My RV said...

Looks like a nice town, I enjoyed all the photos.

I was going to ask you about the internet connection at Hyde, but I guess from Gayle's comment, there isn't one. Too bad. I understand NM is going to add free wi-fi in all their state parks. They would have more campers, I'm sure, if they had GOOD wifi in all the sites. Sorry if you were hassled at McD's.

Teri said...

Sante Fe is a nice town to walk around. A can-opener is a necessity.

Sherry said...

Shhhh don't tell anyone I have never been to Santa Fe. But thanks to this post, I think I can fake it. Congrats to Spud. State park camping rocks!!

Merikay said...

I don't think some of your readers understood the image of the can opener and your dinner. I thought it was fun.

Shadowmoss said...

Fully understand the value of a can opener. Now. Mine ended up costing $15 because it was there and I needed it. I've used it once now.

Gaelyn said...

Nice looking town. Must be hard for a vegan to hang at McDs.

Page said...

Not much for health conscious vegans to eat at McDonalds.
My remaining older brother lives in Santa Fe. He is ready to get out. He's even too quirky for that town. I just hope he stays long enough so that we can moochdock when we hit the road.

Nancy said...

Santa Fe is great. I have some friends who have settled there. They love it but say it is expensive to live. They found a way I guess, they have been there forever! :)

Tesaje said...

Santa Fe was a memorable town way back in the late 60's when we went there (I was a young kid). Great photos as usual.

Contessa said...

Methinks that Roxie just wanted to share her glorious photos rather than her words today. She has become one with nature.

Geri Moore-Hajek said...

South of Santa Fe, just a few miles, is a quirky town of Madrid! An old coal mining town where artists who were too quirky even for Santa Fe moved to, bought up all the old houses and became their own art community. Madrid was the town featured in the movie "Wild Hogs" with John Travolta! Worth a visit! Should be some good boondocking around there too!

Good Luck Duck said...

Geri - good tip! I saw signs for Madrid (and I've already been warned that it's pronounced MAD rid). I think quirkier than Santa Fe is good. And, I've heard that about Christmas lights - neat.

Contessa, on the nose. :o)

McDonald's really didn't hassle me a bit, and I sucked up their wifi from the parking lot. My standby plan is to order a coffee and take it back to Spud who dispenses soy-potato milk.

Thanks, Mary!

Nancy, I've heard that about Santa Fe's cost of living. I imagine real estate is outtasight, too.

Oh yeah, Page, tell him to turn down the quirk just for a while.

It's a very pretty town, Gaelyn. I've heard it's beautiful around Xmas, too.

Exactly, Shadow. When you gotta have one, you gotta have one. I recommend one that did not cost 79¢ new. I even saw a video of survival can opening that involves a concrete block. I considered it.

Thanks, Merikay! I eventually ate, but there's gotta be a better way.

Sherry, your secret is safe with all of us! NM state parks are a good lot.

It is good walking, Teri. And, yeah. A Swingaway is next.

Right, Barbara, there is no internet. There is no phone. I did squeak out three texts in three separate tries. And, if they installed wifi in all the parks ... *feels faint* ... what a coup.

Thanks C & A!

For you, Dragonfly ... Okay.

Sharon, was your coffeeshop "Collected Works"? I asked for a local coffee rec, and that's where I was pointed.

Yeah, Bonanza? Is that by the Railyard?

Lol, Gayle; I did forget to say that. It's dead for pretty much all carriers of information besides the book you carried in. Although, I texted easily from a few miles up in the air (up the road).

OHBOY Jan. I feel a FINE story coming on. A FINE story. I don't know why I flashed on a sign there that said "Christmas tree cutting prohibited."

I'm trying to picture those in TorC, Sue. Would there really be enough business for them? I mean, you walk up the street, you walk down the street, repeat.

Lol, Linda! I guess I just didn't know I'd need a working can opener. Luckily, hot grease has not yet been a problem for me.

Anon, the gals from Where the Wind Goes make good use of a hot chocolate and small soda.

Kim, I think there is plenty of good shopping to be shopped there! Then there's some more.

Jan Goldfield said...

Christmas trees were allowed to be harvested with the proper permit. I had the permit. I had a bow saw. On my way to a free tree. While sawing the tree down, I jammed my finger on a low lying branch and that led to an ER visit where I had to pay lots of big green dollars to have my finger looked at. No setting necessary. Luminariae were pretty and free as opposed to xmas tree.

Good Luck Duck said...

Okay. So, it really would have been less painful to have stolen a tree and paid a $100 fine.

Anonymous said...

Oh, man, chile ristras. ALWAYS had them on my house, next to the front & kitchen doors. Dave won't let me drive a nail into the side of the 5W, so I don't get them anymore. But I SO love how they look!


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