Saturday, January 11, 2014

Everything is ruined - Sedona, Arizona

You were expecting melodrama, and I'm going to give you Sinagua dwellings.

Sinagua ("without water") is an inaccurate, non-descriptive name given to the people who lived and farmed here, with plenty of water.

The Palatki ruins "require" reservations to visit. If you show up without calling first, they'll probably still fit you in, but this is not the kind of higgeldy-piggeldy, willy-nilly lawscoffing I can promote.

See the handprints in the mortar?

 The scratches visible in the center of the picture are thought to be about 10,000 years old, made by settlers long before the Sinagua arrived. The later pictographs seem much more sophisticated, only because ballpoint pen technology leaped forward in those 9,000 years.


The Grotto

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Anonymous said...

Good pictures. That is a beautiful area. I thought I read that the "sin aqua" name was given when they moved out, so to speak, because of the lack of water to grow crops.

Virtual hugs,


Gaelyn said...

Gorgeous! Sin or con.

Nancy said...

I love the Sedona area. So cool!

Brian Many Wheels said...

Gorgeous rock world....nice that we really don't know crap about it, huh?!

Anonymous said...

That brings back some memories. The family (minus Dad, who was attending a meeting in Sedona) visited the Sinagua ruins when the brother and I were pre-teens. We toured several arch├Žological sites in the area, but for every hour looking at ruins, we spent about five at "Indian jewelry" stores. Naturally, the brother and I were bored out of our minds. Finally, we stopped at a place with a sign reading, "HOPI Rugs & Jewelry". I nudged the brother and muttered, "When we go to an Indian jewelry store, there's no HOPI." The resulting peals of endless laughter got us in serious trouble.

Good Luck Duck said...

LOWELL, Bleen. I remember that story from the old Live Journal days; it's a corny classic. Parents can be so humorless!

Brian, I often feel that the less I "understand," the happier I am. You know what I'm saying.

I love it, too, Nancy. There aren't a lot of places more beautiful.

Isn't it, Gaelyn? It's a shame you're not going somewhere beautiful soon.

Judie, it's my "understanding" that the Spanish found a clan living and farming in the San Francisco mountains where there are (oddly) no apparent mountain streams. You've probably seen Montezuma's Well, where the "sin agua" canals are still intact and active. Still, all I know is what I've been told by a handful of docents, and the stories are always a little different.

Sue Soaring Sun said...

Beautiful pictures.

Pam said...

Great ruins, haven't heard of Sinagua before. Glad you're still exploring out there.

Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Sue!

Thanks, Pam. Put on another layer - your blog is freezing me to death.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Fantastic pictures!

Pam Wright said...

I love this type tour. We'll have to make sure we get there during our next visit. Thanks for sharing!!

Rachael Darland said...

Where and what are we going to do tomorrow? Where we going?? Huh? Where we going?

Good Luck Duck said...

Slow down, Rachael! I'm still recovering from the hike!

You'll really like the real thing, Pam.

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful! I was immediately reminded of Garden Of The Gods while browsing your photos.

Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, C&A!

It is beautiful, Latrecia. I don't know Garden of the Gods, but Google is my friend.

Donna W. said...

have been told they no longer have the horse back rides into Garden of the Gods, but if you are ever in the area be sure and go as with your pics it is a beautiful place

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