Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Buckeye Hills Regional Park - a challenge, a solution, and a good boondocking experience

I really enjoyed Buckeye Hills Regional Park, south of Buckeye, AZ. I thought I was perma-relaxed, but I completely sank into it here. 

And, why not? I camped near the bathroom (but not too near, because). I had my own garbage can and covered picnic table. I had my solitude, and I also met some nice bird people, with whom I took a lovely owling walk at sunset.

Melissa, Reid, and Mike

I had my books and my poetry to protect me. 

There is no fee to camp here. 

There was a hitch, and it's hard to know how it happened, or why. On Friday night an agitated man drove through the circle, urging us to leave soon (right away! do not delay! they're on their way! by end of day!) because the Firebird District of the Boy Scouts had reserved everything everywhere. When he met with resistance from all of us (No signs. You need to post some signs), he and his agitated buddy called the Sheriff's office.

The deputy was able to clarify that the Boy Scouts had, indeed, reserved some of the campsites for the night, so those of us intending to band sparrows banded together to band together. We shared a big site that evening, and then spread out when the threat had passed.

The Boy Scouts themselves were just fine. Noise, yeah, but it was happy, innocent noise; they left the park looking clean. Their leaders, though, needed some help being prepared. This kind of nonsense could happen again March 7 & 8, 2014.  If you happen to be there then, it's fine to politely stand your ground and find out exactly what area has been reserved. It is probably not the entire park complex. On the other hand, the leaders will certainly have learned a better way to go about this, so you're likely to have no trouble at all.

Don't let this dismay you. It's a quiet park, and during the week you're likely to have plenty of space to yourself to kick back in the shade and read that steamy novel you've been trying to get to.

I'm pointing RIGHT AT IT. You're telling me you can't see?

I stayed four nights, and would have been content longer. Buckeye offers a public library with wifi, and an IGA. I'm told you can find a WalMart if you try. The park offers easy hiking, clear skies, and coyote songs.

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Teresa Johannesma Wood said...

Awesome place - we've been there three times now and hardly anyone in sight. Actually - we are headed there tomorrow! There is a Walmart at the Interstate at exit 117 - and a Lowe's there too. After a few days of boondocking we go there for our food and wifi fix. Glad you liked it - we posted about it on our site also.

Good Luck Duck said...

Cool, Teresa! If you don't want to go back to 10, check out the public library for wifi (and a free charge - sign me up). There's a park next door for your cherub, too!

Kate said...

HEY I'm way lots closer now (to where you are, if not necessarily to getting on the road).

Donna K said...

Yes, I see you pointing at the moon you Simon and Garfunkle fan!! Glad the boy scouts were tolerable.

Shadowmoss said...

Hmmm. Close enough I can rummage through my gear and go out for a night and see if I remember how to camp. Worst case I find out how (un)comfortable the 2 square ft of space in the Jeep sleeps. Thanks.

Sherry said...

Excellent park review. But no pictures of spud?? Even the gorgeous tree picture cannot completely make up for that. Those little glimpses do not count. Spud IS your bud after all.

Teresa Evangeline said...

I'm in serious need of a hit of the Southwest ... looks like a good place to just Be ... I am a rock, I am an i-i-i-island .

Good Luck Duck said...

That's it, Teresa. I'm Donne.

Spud was being coy, Sherry. Usually she's photobombing every cactus picture I try to take.

Very true, Shadow! Google says about an hour. Your Jeep says "try me!"

Oh yeah, Donna. The boys weren't even an issue. Funniest thing I overheard came from an adult chaperone: "There are bathrooms over there, but I don't know if they work." Work! They're holes. How can they not work?

You ARE way lots closer, Kate! How is the sunshine treating you??

Me and My Dog . . . and My RV said...

That looks like a good spot - my first real boondocking night was at Buckeye, I'm not sure if it's the same place, though. Are you past the police shooting range?

Good Luck Duck said...

Yes, that's the place!

Dawn from Camano Island said...

Thank you for the post about Buckeye--sounds like a great boondocking spot! I put it on our list. Take good care!

Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Dawn! Enjoy.

JO said...

Looks great need to find more boondocking spots. Of course by time I am ready to leave for a longer period it will be to hot. The plan is to head to NM as I have said before.

To bad the kids couldn't restrain the leaders LOL

Good Luck Duck said...

You'll get the annual pass, Jo? NM is terrific for boondocking in state parks. I wish Arizona would get with the program and offer such a thing.

Bill said...

Love the S&G reference. ;)

Leigh said...

We do love it there! Thanks for the heads-up on the March Boy Scout dates, it looks like we'll be ok with our schedule.

Gaelyn said...

Sounds delightful, except for the troop.

Good Luck Duck said...

It was, Gaelyn. I'd go back.

Good, Leigh! The Scouts aren't bad, and they don't stay long, but quiet is better in my book.

Love the S&G, Bill!

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