Monday, March 17, 2014

Pancho Villa State Park: now with more owls!

Emmylou Harris was probably not singing about Pancho Villa. I'm as disappointed as you are. Luckily, you didn't suffer the humiliation of asking.

It was brisk this morning before sunrise, and my usual cold latte didn't appeal; I set out to find the hot version in Columbus on a Monday morning.

It was after 9 before I was in leaveable condition, and I headed to Martha's Place: not open.

To the American Legion: they serve coffee until 9.

Patio Café: not open.

Another disappointed breakfaster pointed me toward La Casita. By then, I recognized that he was speaking English and I understood "blahblahblahcoffee." This place was the most fun you can have before noon. The lady who greeted me spoke no English, and somehow I was immediately drinking coffee.

She asked me, in Spanish, if I speak any Spanish (enough to get coffee), because she spoke no Inglés.

¿No comer?

¡Si, huevos!  [If I had known how to say "vegan" I would have starved.]

[Some words I didn't understand, but I think they meant "soon someone will come to bring you eggs."And they did.]

Speaking of getting up owly for eggs ...

Owlivia is setting on eggs.

Owliver is guarding them with one eye.

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Gail said...

Good to know. I'm not an early riser either. ;-)

Jan Goldfield said...

Umm, did you make sure those eggs were vegan. And would you let me know how you did it?

Dragonfly said...

Enjoying the Emmy Lou Harris music and wondering how spell check know to underline my un capitalized emmy lou harris words.

Larry Vanstone said...
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Larry Vanstone said...

You take great pictures. Seriously, that's no yolk

Good Luck Duck said...

Ha Larry! Thanks! Are they good enough for the family albumin?

Dragonfly, I'd keep my eye on what else spellcheck knows about you.

Yes, I absolutely did, Jan, but I can't pass it on to you because it happened in Spanish, and I don't speak it.

Gail, we'll have to do better than this if we want to be caffeinated.

Al Bossence said...

We found Columbus to be a funky little place. Relied on their Library back in the Fall of 06 for our internet. Parked on the street out front at night to access it. Stayed at Pancho Villa as well. Made half a dozen trips across the border to the Pink Store. We really liked that place & no problems crossing into Mexico & back. Just part & walk across the border. Soon as you cross you will see the Pink Store ahead of you................

Shadowmoss said...

Emmy Lou... memories. Partially her fault I ended up married, and brings back the good memories to hear her again. She opened for Willie Nelson at a concert in Louisville, must have been Memorial weekend 1978, so right around the time of this video. It was our first date. We bought everything she recorded, as well as everything Willie and Waylon recorded. They were the soundtrack to our lives back then. Our place rocked, for awhile. Marriage ended, she still rocks.

Bill said...

Not singing about Pancho Villa? I love her version of that song, which I know best from Willie and Merle. One of my favorites.

Me and My Dog . . . and My RV said...

I saw those owls last year, and was told they nest there every year. That was before I was driven out by the HUGE winds. I hope they aren't as bad this year. I'm heading down there soon, hope you're still there. I'd love to meet up with you! :)

Good Luck Duck said...

Ugh, Barbara - wind every stinkin' place I am. I am irrationally angry at wind. Right now I'm in Elephant Butte. Are you heading up here this season? I'll be back again in June.

Bill, that's what Wikipedia insinuates, anyway.

Shadow, your story could be C'est La Vie! My first marriage had a Karla Bonoff soundtrack.

Al, when I return I plan to see more of the area. I didn't stay long enough this time.

Pam said...

Great daytime shot of the owl, never seen one of their nests before.

Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Pam. No, I hadn't either.

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