Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Trendy SoMoPo real estate: camping at South Monticello Point, Elephant Butte, New Mexico

Thank you all for your kind wishes about Max. He was a good kitty, and lived a loved life all the way through.

I'm at South Monticello Point, in Elephant Butte Lake State Park. I prefer this spot big-time over the main park in all ways, except distance from Truth or Consequences. I'm completely over March winds, but I don't know where to go to escape them.


Back in November I subscribed to Millenicom's monthly service, and received the Novatel 4620L hotspot. Uh-oh. Right from the start it was glitchy, unreliable, and generally horrible. Suckadelic. I called customer service - always responsive and polite - regularly. They suggested I a) reset it, b) take out the battery, c) take out the SIM card and battery for at least 30 minutes, and d) perform a software update. Each call was some variation of this process.

Finally, we agreed it should be replaced, and so I received a unit as fraught with argh as the first device. When the rep suggested this one might be "defective," too, I insisted it be replaced with the Pantech that Technomadia likes so well.

Now? Out with the arrggh, in with the ahhh. I can see myself becoming a Millenicom fan, thanks to this smooth little operator of a wifi device.

Still, a finger-wag to Millenicom for continuing to ship out known crap-boxes from Novatel as late as November, 2013 when they intended to roll out the Pantech in January. A dirty look at technical reps who told me 'I've never heard of a problem with this unit!' Shame on Novatel for making such a spectacularly inferior product, and refusing to stand behind it. Cherie said Novatel eventually told them to stop calling.

I was no advocate of Millenicom's during the two months we were going steady on the phone. I'm beginning to unclench enough to say I'm happy with my set-up now. Millenicom, back that semi-load of Novatel 4620Ls up to the Willamette and start shoveling. That really means "compost the bejeezus out of those turds."

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Steven said...

Looks like you're blog posts aren't updating via feeds again. I've been using the Samsung wifi hotspot thru TMob the last two months and love it. To be fair I've not yet left the city so mileage may vary once I get out there.

Lynda Bogart Stilley said...

Well I'm now totally confused about Millenicom! I've been using Verizon's Novatel 4620L for years with great success, often needing a boost from the Wilson antenna/booster. Including the area you're posting from. My obvious complaint is the contract restrictions. Do you think Millenicom uses inferior or after-market rejects?

Jan Goldfield said...

Your blog posts are getting to me on Feedly just fine, although I admit I bypassed Feedly this morning and got here from FB.

Kimbopolo said...

Gee, I feel bad for recommending the big M now. Same here - what Lynda said. I'll temper my gushing regarding the novatel now.

Anonymous said...

March in New Mexico -- there NOWHERE you can hide from the wind. Used to drive me batty when I'd be trying to get spring flowers planted. We made the mistake of going back to Datil one time in the spring. Learned our lesson & now go in the fall or early winter.

Might have to try Elephant Butte again sometime. Never was my favorite lake -- memories of getting stuck in the sand in the motor home, sucking sand up in the boat engine, deciding to "push" the boat into the lake frontwards instead of backwards & bursting into tears because I couldn't back up the ramp (no, I didn't go all the way into the water, but close enough that the fan was slapping the water). Haven't been there for DECADES, always preferred Conchas...


Wheelingit said...

Condolences for your kitty! The only place I know to get away from NM spring winds is the forest. We had respite from the winds up by Manzano Mountain State Park (which is next to the awesome Salinas Pueblos by the way) and up by Taos in the forests. Might be too cold for those yet, though...


Good Luck Duck said...

Nina, I'm thinking longingly of northern NM, but I'm afraid of frostbite. I do hope to enjoy more NM state parks this summer, though, and I'll keep Manzano in mind.

Renee, if runoff has been good and the lake is high, you can launch from SoMoPo (they're doing it now), but last fall the lake's edge was just something we saw through binoculars. And, that High Wind strobe has been strobing itself silly.

Kim, you can only tell your own experience, and if it has been good, that's the whole truth. I look askance at Millenicom for their foot-dragging (and I should have waited until January, but I didn't know). However, now that I have a device that works, and now that Millenicom is apparently ONLY selling the Pantech (fact-checker?), I see no reason not to recommend their services. I like everything else.

Jan, I'm seeing feeds refreshing around the BlogONet, so it mostly seems good.

Steven, I think TMobile is probably really great in urban areas. I hope it continues to be what you need as you move outward.

Good Luck Duck said...

Lynda, that experience mirrors what I've read online. It's a good question about whether M uses cast-offs, although where the logic in that would be eludes me. Verizon customers seem happy with their devices. Here on the bluffs I'm not bothering with my Sleek, because the signal is strong enough without.

My current review of Millenicom would be favorable, as long as you get the Pantech. I have the nagging feeling that feeling nagged was what prompted the service department to replace the Novatel with the superior Pantech.

ld said...

hi is there water at moposo right now? how far up is it. that area is pretty windy most times, had our boat sunk on two occasions there, but the fishing and camping is awesomw as is your sunset pic

klbexplores said...

I used the Novatel 4620L hotspot with no problems until last week when the digital readout died and therefore could not be reset. I only have one month left on my warranty so they will only replace it with the Novatel (I asked). So if it dies after the next month I will have to repurchase to upgrade or pay now to upgrade. Gees, I guess I just hope for good luck. Hope it works well for you.

Good Luck Duck said...

Karen, your good luck with the Novatel will continue (I So Declare).

LD, there sure is water here, and people are launching their boats. Did your boat sink in a windstorm? Thanks about the photo.

Jool said...

I love seeing posts about New Mexico, and NM State Parks especially. I think a state park can be just the right amount of civilization without being too crowded.
I am so sorry to hear about your loss of Max; I missed that post and will go back and read. I wish I had comforting words for the loss, but it hurts no matter what.
--Jool in N. Texas

Good Luck Duck said...

I agree, Jool. I'm pretty comfortable in state parks. Occasionally I crave just a bit more solitude, and luckily, New Mexico offers that, too!

Thanks about Max. It broke our hearts, too, and yet I suspect Max saw it as no biggie.

Dawn from Camano Island said...

So sorry to hear about Max. We'll do our homework when it comes to Millenicom & ask for the Pantech--thanks for the headsup!

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