Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Datil to Flagstaff (cough)

I had a good birthday! I drove through to Flagstaff (5.5 hours at my speed) and saw my cousins; I brought a cake and sparkling cider (kids) and wine (not-kids) and ice cream (human race). I was hesitating about visiting because they would feel like they had to make a big deal, and Sue suggested that I provide the party. Great idea!

The Slide Fire is currently at 1000 acres. Air quality in Flagstaff is officially Craptastic, and even the light is weird. Some folks here inside the house are suffering eye irritation and respiratory distress; I can't recommend visiting Flag right now if you have other options. I'm feeling fine, and I also have options, but I'll probably leave tomorrow.

The word is that this fire was human-caused.

It seems mawkish; just the same, I want to show you the lovely gravesite The Cousins made for Bob.


Penny and Bob were a bonded pair, and I was afraid for Penny once Bob left. But, she has become social, and she hangs out with people now instead of hiding in a bedroom.

I came across New Mexico and into Arizona on 60. I passed a grassfire almost under control.

There are higher continental divides, but this isn't them. Pie Town, NM.

Some of you think nothing of a five- or six-hour driving day. I don't think much of it, either. I'm tuckered out, or puckered, or however that goes. Something about a long drive disorients me, too, and I wake up confused in the night. Penny was asking to be let out, and I couldn't figure out why a cat was in the car. Later, I woke up in Europe in a Casita.

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Brenda A. said...

We did six hrs of driving yesterday. But it was broken up into two three hr drives with a very lovely five hrs of sightseeing in between. It was a full day for sure!

Love Bob's marker. Very happy to hear Penny is doing well!

I like the "bring your own party" idea.

Sue Soaring Sun said...

Such good news about Penny becoming more social, and Bob's gravesite is beautiful. I'm so glad you had a good birthday, too!

Susan Alton said...

Happy belated birthday. Sorry to hear Flagstaff area is having fires, but mostly sad that they're human caused.

Love your sense of humor through all of it.

Kelly Florence said...

Nice setting for Bob.
For sure I like that idea of bringing your own party.
It was unsettling to hear about that fire on the morning news. I sure hope they gain control.

Good Luck Duck said...

Last update says 4,500 acres involved.

Kelly, I like it, too. Everyone gets cake, I get the cake I want, no one has to sweat or worry.

Thanks, Susan! Yeah, I think they will get control, and people will be able to go home.

Thanks, Sue!

Driving is such a lazy way to get tired, Brenda! I guess that's my style.

JO said...

If the winds don't die down soon they won't be able to get a handle on this fire. Heart breaking for sure such a beautiful place.

At least you had a fun birthday. Bob's little maker is so neat with the little bird.

Good Luck Duck said...

I really like what they did. They are people full of thought.

Tesaje said...

Happy birthday, glad it was a good one for you. Nice marker for Bob - yeah they sound like nice people. you just never know how cats are going to react to changing circumstances. are you traveling with cats in Spud?

Contessa said...

Happy belated birthday. Love the idea of bringing the party with you.

Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks, Contessa! Yes, it was a good idea.

Mary, I don't travel with cats. Penny stays here in Flag in a stationary house.

George Yates said...

If you want a good birthday party, I make my own too, then it is exactly the way you like it. Good day!

Good Luck Duck said...

Exactly, George! I got my favorite cake and my favorite wine, and no one had to panic because they didn't know my favorite cake or my favorite wine.

Sherry said...

What a serious bummer that the fire was human caused. What jacka** would be so careless? grrrrrrrrrrr I agree, bring your own birthday is a great idea. Who wouldn't want to celebrate the food even if they didn't care about your birthday. Not saying they didn't of course. I actually think a lot of bad thoughts about 5 and 6 hour driving days but I don't wake up in Europe. So I want what you were taking.

Good Luck Duck said...

LOL, Sherry! I'm disinclined to share, even with you. But, would you like some ice cream?

I imagine someone was lost in thought and flicked a cigarette butt out the window. Things can happen so fast.

Bill said...

A super happy belated birthday to you!
Happy trails and many many more.

Good Luck Duck said...

Thank you, Bill!

Anonymous said...

Great way to do it -- take your own party so as not to put others out. Good job! Love Bob's final resting place...very sweet. I have a favorite spot at our Datil property where we have the ashes of 3 of our furbabies. Very peaceful, I have a porch swing there, & it looks east towards the Plains of San Augustin. I plan to have some of mine end up in the same place.

Pam said...

Happy belated birthday! I've been watching the coverage of that fire and it makes me so sick and sad. Stay safe. Come back to New Mexico. We had rain today and it wasn't even in the forecast. Kind of strange really. Usually it's the other way around-they call for rain and it's sunny. I sure hope Flagstaff/Sedona gets rain soon.

Lynda Bogart Stilley said...
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Lynda Bogart Stilley said...

Happy belated birthday! Much prefer to do the celebrating "my way". Sure hope the air quality gets better up the road! Hate this dry, windy fire season.

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