Monday, June 2, 2014

Only one thing?

Someone once said "Do one thing every day that scars you," but that was too gruesome; now we only scare ourselves.

I don't do that daily. Do you? Today it was time for a your-mother-told-you-never-to scare: I swam alone in the Rio Grande. Now that damkeepers (dam engineers?) are releasing water from the lakes, there is a gentle, but insistent, current on the river that will keep you aerobically fit just by staying in your own waterfront property.

This weekend was a painful combo of heat, crowds, noise, and other people's drifting garbage. Today ... ahhh. Goodbye, weekend screamers. Take dat noise home with you. Full-timers can be magnanimous and indulgent on weekends - enjoy your tiny respite, workers - but even we can get exhausted when things get really wild. Or, am I just speaking for myself again?

Teenagers (boys and girls) camping alone. Does that seem smart to you, or am I ... GET OFF MY LAWN!! THAT BALL IS MINE NOW!!! ... oversensitive? I was a pretty permissive parent myself.

I have a nice shot of Annie and her new digs, but I'll let her show you herself.

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Brenda A. said...

I'm big on doing things that scare you. But every day??? Seems unnecessary to me. I kind of like some calm days in between my intense days. Balance. I believe in balance. Speaking of which.....what is going on in that pic where it looks like a guy is suspended over the water?

Good Luck Duck said...

Brenda, he's measuring the water flow. He had a shiny gizmo that he kept lowering into the water, and I could never get its picture. He was totally suspended above the water, and that's a scary thing I'd do, given a chance.

Barbara D. said...

I don't like things that scare me, and never try them. I'm a wuss. But - I guess I did do one scarey (to me) thing the other day that goes along with your post - I complained to a Ranger about the people next to me, throwing and hitting balls near my rig. I don't like complaining about people, and I did first ask them to move out into the field away from the motor home, but they wouldn't move. I'm always afraid people will sneak over in the night and paint The Palms for something like that. Anyway I did complain. Didn't work, though, so I moved.

See? Don't do scarey things. :)

Anonymous said...

None of those children in that photo need ice cream. Scare for the day: Score one.

Good Luck Duck said...

Do any of us really need ice cream? On a triple-digit day, everyone does.

Barbara, I don't like to complain about people, either. I'd rather move. I have the same concerns you do - that once the ranger is gone, the harassment escalates.

Anonymous said...

I like to complain. Just not out loud. Scary things are a must. If I can't do a scary thing, I try to watch a scary movie.

Good Luck Duck said...

LOL! You're a braver duck than I am. Scary movies are too scary.

Anonymous said...

When I want to do something scary I watch Fox news....or any 24 hour news network, for that matter")

kristine barr said...

Any confrontation is scary to me, so I avoid it at all costs. Wish I could man up sometimes, but I move on without saying anything.

Sherry said...

I don't think I want to do even one thing a day that scars me. And aside from scars, I don't even have things I could do each day that scare me except look in the mirror or at the scale. But I don't really like being scared and I try not to do things I don't really like.

Bill said...

I often do things that scare me. But hardly ever because I want to. I do things that scar me too, but not intentionally.

Still, I think life would be diminished somehow if we never did anything scary.

Having said that, there's no way I'd get in that river, alone or not. :)

Jool said...

oh dear lord. Anything that scars me everyday would leave me even worse looking than at present. However, having said that, can I say that EATING 13 FULL PIES IN PIE TOWN SCARS ME????? Remember, we WILL meet in Pie Town one day to consume maneeee pies. We will both be scarred.
Jool in North Texas

Good Luck Duck said...

Mmm, pie. These are the scars worth getting, Jool.

Bill, I'm still evaluating how I feel about this "scary thing every day" motto. Even more so the scarry thing every day.

Sherry, way to pick the two least-scary things on Planet Earth to use as your examples.

Kristine, I avoid it, too, as much as possible.

I hear that, Anon.

Jodee Gravel said...

Taking off the training wheels, taking the behind-the-wheel driving test, signing mortgage papers, saying I love you. It's the scary things that keep us moving forward :-).
Just getting caught up so congrats on the new someone.......scary, huh!?

Good Luck Duck said...

Perfect tie-in, Jodee. Yes, scary!

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