Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pull up a chair in Mesilla, New Mexico

A body could stay a long time in Mesilla, especially if the body started with the winery.

I didn't need anything, so the shopping portion of our trip was short.

Apartments are hell. 

We toured La Posta de Mesilla on the cheap, and on the fast.

Billy the Kid slept here.


Basilica of San Albino

Josefina's Old Gate 

Josefina's Old Flowers

Mesilla isn't one of those places I intend to live for a month - too many people know about it - but it would be good for a weekend. Especially if I start with the winery.

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Bill said...

Wine, pecans and chili peppers. What more do you need and all can be found in Mesilla?

Contessa said...

Oh my goodness, so many fab photos. But you had me at the wine stop, I would have been stopped there.

Cyndi and Stumpy said...

Once again, great pics!

Pam said...

That's a lot of cool blue doors and windows.

Emjay said...

Things in Mesilla have certainly changed since I was a child, and La Posta was my favorite restaurant. Well, it's been a few years. Ahem. La Posta then was a large dining room that was undecorated with small windows near the top of the white walls and with an undistinguished entry door. It served the working-man's population mainly. Now it appears to have a website, colorful decor and an alluring entry. Maybe the salsa is the same. Maybe? Thanks for the pictoral tour!

VtChris said...

Great pics.....you have a fabulous "eye" and of course a wonderful subject matter.

George Yates said...

Awesome pictures, thanks for sharing !

Demenshea said...

Very nice, Rox! Miss ya!

Jodee Gravel said...

People might know about it but it doesn't look like they actually go there.....their cars are there, but no peeps. It looks like a beautiful little town. I love the soft lines and pretty colors and all the iron work. It would be a challenge to move quickly through.......

JO said...

I wish Tucson would have done something like this down town instead of ripping everything down there was so much history here too. Love the pictures as always. Do you think Billy still sleeps there?

Good Luck Duck said...

Jo, I think Billy sleeps outside Fort Sumner, NM. T is pretty modernized, now that you mention it. I love all the plazas in New Mexico's town centers.

Jodee, you make a good point. We didn't see a lot of people milling around.

Thanks, Donna! Miss you, too, but you'll be around a little more, I imagine??

Thanks, George! Hey, what are you doing for our birthday?

Thank you, Chris! Yeah, the subject does the heavy lifting.

Emjay, I think La Posta has moved "uptown." It's very beautiful, and one of these days I'll stop and eat there.

Pam, a friend from Datil tells me the blue is to discourage evil spirits. Who knew? It's beautiful, whatever the reason.

Thanks, Cyndi!

LOL, Contessa! Yes, they make very nice wine around here.

Those are the food groups, Bill.

Sherry said...

I think a little of those fine bright colors could help the folks in the east. Just makes you happier to look at them. But how do we know you were really there and didn't just life these photos from another website. There is never a picture of you'uns.

Good Luck Duck said...

Sherry, there is always that sliver of doubt. Did she take these? or didn't she? But, then, if we were in the shots you'd know for sure I didn't take them!

Little Toot 2 said...

If you didn't make it to The Double Eagle the next time your in Mesilla, go. It has best room to have a cup of coffee or a meal I ever sat in. I told me wife, one day I'd build her that room to live in. Just beautiful

Good Luck Duck said...

Toot, I must have missed that altogether. When does your construction start??

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