Monday, June 29, 2015

Navajo Lake State Park (Navajo Dam, New Mexico)

Another place in which we felt very comfortable. We chose Cottonwood campground, below the dam. I especially enjoyed the crazy-tall trees; something tells me they were cottonwoods, but I have no corroborating evidence. Sites are reasonably-spaced.

I kayaked on the river! I saw things. A snake swimming. A heron flying directly over me (nothing more to report on that incident). Fish. Water. Rocks. ROCKS! ROCKS!!!

There are campsites up above the lake. Pine is the only one set up for big(ger) rigs, and the sites look unlevel. Here's a map.

If you've been to Cottonwood in the past, you should know that it's 100% water/electric now, so sites are $14 (or $4). 

Just below the dam.

We strolled into the marina, where a young girl named Karma knew a lot of things about the area. She grabbed a handful of dog food to demonstrate feeding the carp (remarkable, actually). She cheerfully sprayed me with a water cannon, seeing as how it was hot out. She knew what she knew, but when she didn't know, she knew how to say so.

I don't think I did these things. I wouldn't mind being able to say I moored or snagged.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you've got a decent amount of water. Has drought been a problem at all in that area?

Good Luck Duck said...

Bleen, it has been an issue for a few years, although I think this year has had good rainfall, so far. The "news" says OMGTHIRST, but I've never heard news say "boy, this amount of precip is just about right!"

Pam said...

How hot is it there? Are you getting a cell signal? We were thinking of heading up there soon. Trying to find a (relatively) cool spot.

VtChris said...

Loved seeing all the houseboats.....lots of liv-a-boards. Like RVers except on water.

Good Luck Duck said...

Pam, I haven't watched the temps, so I can only say "yeah, it's hot." However, there are big trees here, and that helps. And, I'm getting enough signal to surf and post, although it's a bit slow. Also, there is a very cold river nearby.

They're so colorful, Chris. There are some huge boats around, too! Watery condos.

Jodee Gravel said...

Great pics, love the houseboats and the tubers. Fun to find so much color :-) Be sure to include pics when you decide to moor and/or snag. We'll be waiting. Glad you're having such a great time!!!

Kimbopolo said...

I've been snagged and enjoyed it very much.

JO said...

WOW! Love this place all the colors to make for a Fiesta feeling. Believe me you don't want to be snagged. That's when they throw in a line with a huge hook and just keep whipping the line until they hook a fish anywhere, sorry to put a damper on your blog.

Barbara D said...

Yes, Jo - the only thing I've snagged is the tree behind me during a poorly done cast. And it wasn't fun at all. LOL

Pam said...

Thanks for the info, Roxie. I appreciate it.

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