Sunday, July 12, 2015

Rio Grande Gorge National Monument, and Taos, New Mexico

I leaned on the exact spot where Woody Harrelson leaned. He may have leaned more, and I may have clutched and retched more.


I didn't get this guy's name. I was already paralyzed with terror at the elevation, so I saw no choice but to photograph him.

He was very talented at whatever the heck you call this tomfoolery; you kids get off my lawn!


Taos is the kind of town you can just mosey into, find a parking space, and wander around in. Go ahead and do that. Shops are pricey, but Taos still isn't taking itself as seriously as Santa Fe is. Sit in the cafe of the Hotel LaFonda and watch the crowd.

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SwankieWheels said...

How timely, since I arrived in Taos yesterday. I'm wandering the streets a bit today. Killing time until I can bet to the Forest Service Office tomorrow (Monday) and get a map for despersed camping locations. Then I am off to get my kayak way at Eagles Nest Lake. Guess I will have to go see that gorge too. Thanks, Roxi. Hope to catch up and visit you before I head to Quartzsite.

Contessa said...

Love Taos! Enjoy.

Good Luck Duck said...

Nice day to wander, Swankie! We're about to head north from here.

Thanks, Contessa!

Evie said...

Mom and I drove on the road that goes from Pillar up through the gorge to the bridge. Great drive but do it in the morning before the afternoon rains start. Sorry we missed you. Wednesday we are leaving ABQ headed towards Angel Fire area. Maybe see you up there.

Kimbopolo said...

I wonder if Mickey and Mallory are still full-timing in their RV?

Good Luck Duck said...

Kim, I see them parked next to Jack and Diane.

Evie, we'll be around the Circle for several days, so we may meet up.

Jodee Gravel said...

Dang whipper-snappers....... The pottery shop should be a commercial for super glue or whatever they used (I hear they get a little wind in NM). Guess the duck wouldn't fit in Spud. Too bad.

Good Luck Duck said...

Triumphs (of stickum) and disappointments (the duck is bolted down).

JO said...

would love to see the pottery shop a girl can never have enough pottery. Would just love to get to NM period

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