Thursday, June 30, 2016

Cooling my webs: Taos, Albuquerque, Datil, and Elephant Butte (New Mexico)

Our mothers may have done crosswords puzzles to stave off dementia. I'll be switching between electronic devices, trying to remember which one holds that picture, the only one that could possibly convey my intention.  I got my first smartphone recently. It's the phone that is smart; the users are merely compliant.

After May in Big Bend, I spent a lovely week with my girlfriend in Taos. We fondled and feted four feisty felines, toured the area, almost got our fill of Chinese food, and I spent my birthday strolling through Arroyo Seco. Janice treated me to lunch at the Taos Cow.

The past two weeks allowed me to show off my rustic cabin in Datil. Although the North and Dog Head fires were being naughty, and a high-pressure inversion made the air rating "campfire" quality for a day or two, it was a success. We made some engineering breakthroughs, but it remains a cabin without running water. My father-in-law used to say, "The only way to improve a wheelbarrow is to put a rubber tire on it." He said that when he noticed me applying lipstick.

My friend Mike, confided his fear for me that I might be succumbing to inertia. It's true that I haven't been Prius-dwelling, even overnight, in several months. In a separate-but-related conversation, Janice suggested that I might benefit from fiddling with my serotonin levels. My thanks to both of them, because there are things I can't always see from in here.

Continental Divide. Separates the full-breakfast crowd from the toast-and-coffee people.

I've begun reevaluating Prius camping for hacks that will allow me to enjoy those comforts, while remembering that I'm safe and option-rich. Making my bed more comfortable, for example, or deciding that I will eat well and drink good coffee. I admit that there is some residual body-terror associated with my time spent living in my car, even though objectively, it was a time filled with wonder, self-discovery, and successful peeing through a funnel.

This month, June 2016, my beautiful son married a beautiful woman with two beautiful children; I believe that makes me a beautiful mother-in-law and a beautiful grandmother!

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SwankieWheels said...

Congrads, beautiful grandmother.

Jodee Gravel said...

Good to see you here, was wondering how you were faring in the heat. Lucky to have engineering and encouraging friends. Hope you're still applying lipstick anyway. Spud misses your adventures I'm sure :-) And big congrats on having and being a beautiful family.

our awesome travels said...

Congratulations to a new Grandmother !

Barbara D said...

That's wonderful - congratulations to your son and his new wife, and the grandchildren. And you too! Good to hear from you. :)

And Happy Birthday - lots of good things going on.

Al Christensen said...

"Separates the full-breakfast crowd from the toast-and-coffee people." I like that, though I have no idea if it means the same to me as it does to you. Best wishes with the plumbing, Prius camping renovations and your serotonin levels.

Roxi said...

Al, I suspect it means exactly the same thing to you. Thanks for the good wishes.

Hi Barb! Thanks!

Thanks, George & Suzie!

Jodee, if you can't improve a wheelbarrow, you can at least make it presentable for the public.

Thanks, Swankie!

MFH said...

Residual body terror!!! Has youse considered sum cognitive diffusion work, or sumpin'.

In the meantime, way cool on the new family!! Nothing like getting three for the price of one. : - )

Good Luck Duck said...

I never hard of sech a thang.

Good Luck Duck said...

I Googled. I think I use/d these techniques when my thoughts threatened to carry me away.

MFH said...

No, No! It's a dichotomy separator cheaper than the CERN used to distinguish between figments and fantasies (I mean, who the F*ck cares?!!). Get yerse'f a pint of Cherry Garcia (yer choice of flavor, of course), some rum, chocolate sauce and a good masseuse/masseur (maybe one of each and possibly both), some good eats and, most important, a Hitachi Magic Wand. Good for what ails yuh. Perq yuh right up! Gar-an-teed to cure residual body terrors. Well, all the above...and a shotgun. ; - )

Good Luck Duck said...

Making a list ...

Coffeekittie said...

I've been considering that wheelbarrow comment.
It could be said that a wheelbarrow is exactly perfect for it's function, a perfect thing. The addition of a smooth-rolling rubber tire is nice and all, but not really necessary.
I don't know...sounds like a weird-ass compliment more than an insult.

Good Luck Duck said...

CK, I love that perspective and have already adopted it after reading this.

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