Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Have a nice trip, see you in the fall.

 Because some mountains are ostentatious, I present the Sangre de Cristos:

Lenticular clouds AND a moon. Whatever, mountains.

A joke you've heard ... Mountains are not just funny, they're hill areas.

Because some cats are ostentatious, I present Sophia:

Sophia is 1/4 of the reason we were in Taos, but a bigger 1/4 than most. For being one quarter, she was more like seven-and-a-half-eighths.

Our friend bought bird-safe collars for her natural-born killers. I'd like to exclaim, "They really work!" I'd like to exclaim that, but the fresh bundles of feathers we found each day exclaimed otherwise.

We get it. Yes, you're very pretty, sunrise.

Kit Carson Road

We were here on Kit Carson because our friend has a show at The Ranch at Taos, and because we spotted coffee.

Caffe Tazza

Taos colors were at their peak for us.

Taos was kind to me. I played with kitties, and read, and gazed out at mountains in all directions. I felt inner conditions gently ease, unknot, and rearrange themselves. I had solitude; I had dear company. 

In my opinion, Taos to T or C in one day is excessive. I felt pretty beaten-up on both ends. But, an overnight also seems excessive if there's an ETA on the line. 

 It was fun to meet Judy, and to see Chris again, back in Truth or Consequences. Judy is from the same tiny village in New York State that I am; in fact, I can picture her house.

Judy and Chris, Elephant Butte, NM. 

But, where's Roxanne? Let's get some selfies!

Oh Judy, everything's fine. 

Judy said, "I think you have ... " CLICK!
"Do you think it's possible there's ..." CLICK!
"I'm pretty sure you've got ..." CLICK!
"Hold up a minute, your ..." CLICK! 

We're back "in town" briefly to care for some pups, and then we end our summer season in TorC and head for Arizona.

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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Take the long way home.

I spent three weeks, seven months, and two hours at the Datil cabin this fall. There's a weird time-wrinkle there, maybe because I spend days at a time reading odd things (besides this blog) and hearing elk bugle. 

The above pictures were happening simultaneously. A rainbow at the last possible moment of the day.


Also not-elk. I call her Janice.
We headed out to Pie Town, and this time we enjoyed Pie Town Cafe. Now that Pie-O-Neer is serving only pie, it's good to have a real-food option. Open Friday - Monday.

Not much merc at the Merc 'n' Tile.

I allow other people to pun when it's their turn.

Pot of gold - a fresh cup of coffee enjoyed in a mountain cabin. 
Then it was time to face reality, or a New Mexico facsimile, and return to Truth or Consequences to pet-sit. Not a bad sort of reality, if I have to face some. Route 25 at 75 m.p.h. was not the sort of reality I was in the mood for, so I took the "shortcut" down Route 1 from Socorro. As my dad used to say, "I don't mind a shortcut, if it doesn't take too much longer."

Bridge over Nogal Canyon, as seen from Nogal Canyon. 

This is not a Datil tarantula

The morning I left the cabin I saw the season's first tarantula, looking for love in whatever places it wants. Mountain tarantulas are a lot smaller than the Lowlanders. Tarantulas are several years old before they make the autumn Journey of Courtship. If you see him out and about, give him a break; he's waited a long time for the chance to get lucky.

A different perspective: Elephant Butte Lake from the east side.

Soon I'll be headed north to Taos for frolicking fun: four fuzzy feline friends (and their two devoted servants). A quick break, and then we're headed for a brand-new adventure that I'll try to enhance, embroider, and embellish for your reading "pleasure."

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