Friday, May 17, 2019

Moki Dugway to Blanding, Utah

As sometimes happens with great beauty, it began to annoy me. The updraft from the canyon became relentless, and after I chased the same garbage the third time without using any one expletive twice, I was ready for less grandeur.

Still almost Monument Valley 

Nevertheless, it was a spectacular campsite. In the night, I wondered: if Spud's parking brake were to disengage while I was sleeping, would I simply have a falling dream wherein that old question might be answered once and for all?

I want to revisit female urination devices. I mean, I do revisit one, but I want to know the newest and best. They all look like my Walmart automotive funnel with REI prices. Mike is sure that if something better existed, I would own it. That's exactly the kind of materialistic model I want to live up to while living in my car.

I'm remembering how this all works. There is order, then nanoseconds later, due to an imperceptible gravitational shift, chaos descends. Two areas of Spud are sacrosanct - the driver's seat and my bed. Other essential items orbit around them. 

We spent the most recent two nights on a campsite on BLM land further "inland" on the Mesa. It happened to be made mostly of red sand, and now, so am I.

Utah 95 is called a "scenic byway," but my quotation marks are "unnecessary." It's breathtaking.

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