Thursday, February 21, 2019

Makes no sense

This is like a non sequitur, except it's whatever is Latin for "it doesn't start, either."

I've been thinking lately about my erstwhile life in Spud, and whether I would have been even more successful if I were who I am now. Which you can quickly see is circular, because I would not be who I am now if I had not lived in Spud when I did.

Still, it's a good question. I've had sticks-and-bricks places to sleep and live for two years, but Spud is not unpacked. She is ready to split the scene at a half-moment's notice. There's clearly something still in place, both in my head and in the hatch of my car.

I don't want to live in Spud right now. I'm content and peaceful, and my life is varied enough to keep me entertained. It's possible that that life was just long enough for [whatever] to happen for me. But, because that life was often full of questions I wasn't ready to answer, and answers I had no questions for, now I wonder what I could learn now that I didn't learn then.

But, that's all Bob Loblaw, because today the wind is blowing and I'm enjoying it as a concept instead of an active and seasick element of my day.

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