Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Charmed, I'm sure (Annie)

Our mothers will be appalled when they hear our plans. Though I doubt my mother will be surprised. Annie, driving a huge truck pulling a huge trailer into the great unknown? Yawn, what's for supper? But appalled certainly. I can see her very traditional nose wrinkling right now. Other parts of my life have appalled her plenty. That nose has gotten lots of action.

I'm frankly amazed at how things have fallen into place so far. I was telling Roxi the other day - on the way home from buying our new beautiful truck from our new friends Ken and Kathy - that I feel charmed. When we started seriously considering moving to Arizona it felt so huge and complicated that I didn't know how to even begin. But now that we have the how worked out - pull a trailer full of all our stuff and our cats to Arizona? Brilliant! - other pieces have come easy. The trailer is great, not perfect but a heck of a lot better than the others we looked at and it feels surprisingly roomy. No, I'm not lying, it really does! We'll get some pictures up here sometime soon. The truck I think IS perfect. Ken was meticulous in its care.

And speaking of Ken, he and his lovely wife Kathy are just awesome people. I had a really good feeling about him on that very first phone call, and that feeling was confirmed when we met at their house. Truly nice, nice people. The kind of people who become instant friends and you want to add their address to your Christmas card list immediately. We've all promised to keep in touch and I'm sure we will.

See? Charmed.

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