Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Garage, etc. (Roxi)

The mechanics who inspected the fifth-wheel grabbed some random collection of numbers and letters and wrote it down as our VIN, and then said it was a 1974 model. I don't think the DMV will mind a few discrepancies, do you? Val, who sold us the trailer, has been a lot of help in getting things arranged, and is fixing this for us. Still, it's another trip to Locke to get the new, correct (?) paperwork before we can register it.

We did our first project tonight! Got a box spring out of the bedroom, and god only knows how we managed that. You'll find this hard to believe, but the springs were actually bigger than the entire trailer. Don't bother contradicting me; I was there and I saw it. Like when my son was born, and he was already 5'8". It's true enough.

Tried to power it up with an extension cord, but I don't think the cord is rated for that kind of amperage. Maybe borrow something industrial?

I must, must, must get our bed into The Duck. [Sorry, Annie, that just keeps coming to my mind. Shall we head to The Duck? Do you want to meet us at The Duck?] We built the bed of our dreams in December. It's like a Sleep Number, but not. Seriously, let me give this company a plug. It's www.ultimatebed.com. That's www.ultimatebed.com.

I've stopped taking ibuprofen since we started sleeping on this bed. Before: every morning. After: almost never. I must get this bed into the Duck. But, beyond that, it is full of underbed drawers. It's the bed of my dreams. It must go. It's a dealbreaker.

Just kidding! Still, not entirely kidding. It must go.

I lubed up the sticky old stairstep mechanisms, because I could and it's what I do when I can't think of what else to do.

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