Sunday, May 31, 2009

Getting to work. (Roxi)

Annie forced us to make a list. FORCED. It's good. Because of the cats (dear god, the cats), we have to do things sequentially. Here's the plan:

~ Rip out carpet and vinyl
~ Can we seal and paint floor? or new vinyl?
~ Have trailer serviced
~ Paint/vinyl (?) then prep trailer for cats
*move trailer back?
*figure out cat door
*move kennel
~ Move cats
~ Begin house prep
~ List house

We got the living room carpet up. Wood looks and feels sound, but the carpet was disgusting.



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1 comment:

coal said...

Wow, thats a project, try peel and stick tiles or simulated wood flooring. I've done a few fivers over the years with good results. I just did my fiver yesterday in the kitchen area, had to get rid of the carpeting.
Could you post on how your making out with the redoing of the trailer
Nice blog