Saturday, May 16, 2009

No Ma'am, i'm not kidding. (Roxi)

We found our truck today and bought it. It is so huge I'm embarrassed; I'm obviously compensating. Ford F-350 dually Power Punch, or Diesel Pusher or some hardcore butch name. It came with a duck.

A very sweet retired couple - Ken and Kathy - sold us the truck. Ken showed us how to do basic things with the diesel engine (how could it be that clean? Unnatural). Drain the water separator, check the air filter status. If your mirrors fit, you'll fit. Use the CB for road information. Watch out for Trucker Mouth, which I guess is not a fictional condition. [Stay tuned for new jokes.] They asked us to keep in touch along the way, so we swapped email addresses. They were almost as excited for us as we are for ourselves.

Tuesday we bought our trailer, a 27' fifth-wheel, from Val.

Annie will be posting and editing here, too. Bring it, Babe!

I think we're going.

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coal said...

You have a good combination, with that truck and fiver. The truck will easily handle that size of trailer with little strain.

MFH said...

This is incredible!!! The enthusiasm!! Only 43! (Thanks for the archive!!)