Saturday, May 23, 2009

The one where they register both vehicles (Annie)

When you register a pickup in NY State you have to tell them how much weight you think you'll ever load into the bed and they charge you a weight charge in 500 pound increments. If you're stopped and are found to be carrying more then what you tell the DMV you'll get a ticket. What's the reasoning behind that? This is not a semi, this is a pickup (a personal one, not commercial), it holds what it will hold and then you drive your stuff someplace else and unload it.

Ironically, when you register your pull behind trailer there are no questions about load weight and no additional charges.

Anyway, $600 in taxes and registration fees later, we're completely road legal and can start practicing!

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Maria B said...

Wow. When I got your email today I wasn't exactly surprised, but I can't believe you are going so far away. I think you are starting an incredibly brave adventure and I'm a little jealous. We will have to get together soon and talk all about it!