Monday, May 18, 2009

Surreal estate. (Roxi)

I woke up at ?AM to a Moment of Clarity. Always terrifying. I blame Farrah Fawcett, her heartbreaking documentary, and the pint of Breyer's butter pecan.

In this scenario, we are penniless, uninsured, and living in the desert. With prickly pear cactus and tasty, tasty javelinas between us and our final demise. Spit-roasted javelinas. Javelina jerky. Javelina club sandwiches. Javelina bacon. [In this scenario, javelinas are chubby vegetables on trotters.]

I'm feeling better now, but it's a big question. I will have a year of employer-paid insurance, unless I find a position with benefits before that. It's part of my layoff package. If Annie simply resigns, she won't have that. She can take her insurance with her under COBRA, but it will be pricey. We're both well, but being uninsured is a game for young people; at 43 and 48, it's not for us.

The trailer comes home today! Hopefully with empty tanks. Limbs came down this morning in preparation for sliding it into the slender side yard beside the driveway.

Annie will ride with the hauler to pick up tips from him. We will get the truck on Thursday, when we meet Ken and Kathy at the DMV.

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