Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bringing Baby home

We brought the trailer home last night; we hired someone to haul it and tutor us a little on the finer points of not leaving it behind in a truck stop.

I drove behind in the Prius and watched how the trailer handled, relative to the truck. No sway (Ron said that fifth-wheels don't sway - he called it something like "bumpering"), and it seemed to follow the truck pretty closely. Hahaha! I just read that again. Yes, the trailer did follow the truck - excellent. I meant that it didn't jump curbs or change lanes without signaling its intent.

Once we were home, I felt exhausted, like I could never do this thing. Or any other thing. Sad, scared, tired. Since we made this decision, we've been running on adrenaline and cookies, and now there's this beast (29', not 27' like I lied before) in our yard. With mechanicals and stuff.

Annie reminded me that we've been both working and running around this last week. Looking at trailers, picking out this trailer, buying tires, delivering tires, meeting people, spending money like it's made of paper. No downtime, and that's lethal for solid introverts like us.

Here's something a friend wrote me yesterday. I need to keep these encouragements in mind:

I am truly impressed! I have never respected you as much as I do at this moment. This is tremendous! A marvelous mad leap! Exciting, liberating and terrifying all at the same time...what a rush. And here I thought I was the only one I knew that had the stones to do shit like this. Mid-life is a great time to shake things up and abandon the comfort zone.
Alright! We have stones! Best not to throw those.

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Pat said...

Hey, I found your blog and love it. I decided I should read it from the start. From the map on the left it looks like you haven't gotten out west yet. Don't tell me. I'll get up to date soon. Hope your travels have been great.


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