Monday, June 8, 2009

GreyC (Roxi)

Our very good friends came over to visit us, and to try out the Duck's sleeping quarters. During the visit, GreyC escaped three times. It makes her miserable to be inside all the time, and the kennel does not make it okay.


Julie and David live on 33 acres of woods and meadows, surrounded by hundreds of acres of woods and meadows. Julie said, out of the blue, Would you consider letting GreyC live with us? We knew immediately that this was a great solution. For GreyC and for us, because we love them and know they'll give her a great home. No doubts. GreyC would be able to have the great outdoors, without dangerous roads. And without mountain lions and eagles.

That only makes it better, though, not good. GreyC is Annie's favorite, and that breaks my heart.

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wahooweena said...

:( That is very sad, but it definitely sounds like GreyC will be a happy little camper.

¡Vizcacha! said...

She will be, if it happens. She's such a pleasant kitty when she "gets" to go outside.

Theresa K said...

She's just such an adorable cat. I'm sorry, Annie, but at least you know she is going to a happy home.