Monday, June 29, 2009

We haul Duck. (Roxi)

We took the Duck to Fletcher's a week ago for a long list of modifications and repairs that we can't do. However, we will proudly do everything that requires duct tape.

Here are a few things we think need attention. Attention, and maybe a big hug.
back panel, annotated

This was the maiden haul! That sounds wrong!

First, Annie lined up the pin with the hitch:
lining up



Hitch: hitch

Because natural law demands that these two will never start off at the same height, this calls for a lot of not-resting. This is me not-resting: not resting
I am turning a crank that raises and lowers the legs.

All of this not-resting makes us wish this weren't broken:
power legs I also wish it weren't rusty, but this is a hierarchical wish list. Other wishes are prioritized.

Annie slowly backs the truck up, and ... Victory! See Annie flash the international symbol for victory.
(Note: this is not really the international symbol for victory, and these bloggers do not endorse, recommend or suggest the use of this gesture anywhere outside your own home.)

Emergency line goes here? emergency line here?

Or, maybe here?
maybe here?
Details! We'll think about emergencies later!

When being followed is a good thing.
when being followed is a good thing

Smilin' Annie:smilin' Annie

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coal said...

lookin good, make sure your safety clasp is secured, flip the little doo hickey down and insert your safety pin. Without it, the hitch can jiggle loose, don't ask me how I know lol.

Sean said...

It just ain't a proper trailer without a Good Sam Club sticker, is it?

Sean said...

Oh - Sean is me, SamWibatt of LiveJournal and flickr.

Carolyn said...

You guys have too much fun.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Thanks Coal! Hey, do you padlock the hitch when you're pulling?

Hi Sean! You're the only Sean in my life, so I assumed it was you before I had proof. I wonder if Good Sam was the only game in town when this trailer was new?

Carolyn - if you think THIS is fun, we just got our toilet!