Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yikes and whew. (Roxi)

THANK YOU for soothing and encouraging emails, and one beautiful card that made me cry.

It has been an emotionally icky week, and I'm torn between the commitment to blog this experience honestly and compassion for our friends. I have given mixed messages about my intentions for this project. I have been moody and broody and have hatched alternate plans for leaving this nest, which I knew were cracked as soon as I laid them.

I had a helpful visit with an EAP therapist who kindly reminded me that all losses must be grieved, and some of them get pre-grieved. Grief is not a sign that we are making a mistake, it's just letting go, in a gummy, wet, snotty way. While we can't avoid it, we could bury our emotions in a Chefsburger (stop judging me! Animals are comfort food).


We found that the electrical systems are functioning, both AC and DC. Our trailer does swing that way. We brainstormed a couple of new ideas for kitchen space, and pulled out a few carpet staples.

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