Friday, July 31, 2009

Annie has something to say (Annie)


Ok, so I've been AWOL from the bloggosphere lately, but I have a good excuse. I've been busy.

So Wednesday morning, walking past Louie's Lunch truck, there was the funniest looking cat there. AAAYYYYEEEEEEEEE! No, it was fine, I kept my cool. When my brain said skunk! my body said wide berth! so I calmly arced away from P├ępe, who was sniffling around the ground with his back mostly towards me. He finally noticed me and it startled him (sounds like famous last words, eh? and then the skunk was startled. The end.) and he raised his butt at me. No really! I got a good look into the very epicenter of the stink eye.

I learned an important truth that day, you really can run faster than you think you can. Go go gramma legs!

In other news, we're picking up the fiver tomorrow morning. This means we get to tow her home and back her onto our property. Ahem. Have I mentioned I haven't backed her up at all? And it's not a straight shot into the slot, I have to maneuver the trailer and truck (aka The Rig, doncha love it) between the maple tree and mailbox then straighten her out in our side yard, from a busy road full of people who like to stop, point, and laugh. But I'm sure it will be fine. In fact, I'm dripping with optimism (it smells). Maybe I should have written to this woman for advice.

Been doing a fair amount of research into the internet on the road question, trying to figure out how we can have absolutely unlimited 24/7 access for no money. Turns out, that's a pipe dream *shakes tiny fists at pipe* On to Plan B, spending money. Verizon has the best coverage out there so we'll have to stick with them but their mobile broadband plan sucks. Sixty bucks a month for only 5GB of data. Did I mention we want unlimited 24/7 access? We certainly wouldn't be online constantly but we don't want to worry about overages and huge bills. So then I started looking at a smart phone plan with unlimited data that I would just tether to our laptops (or to my laptop and set up a share for Roxi's laptop). Verizon has unlimited data for $50/month but is not keen on the idea of tethering. In fact, it's verboten. So, since we're not allowed to do it, I'll just buy a third party application so I can. :0) It's like jailbreaking an iPhone. Sure, Apple doesn't want you to do it but it doesn't hurt anything (other than voiding your warranty, you iPhone users out there).

I'll wrap up by giving a plug for Bill Fletcher from Fletcher's Trailer Sales. He's been awesome to work with getting the trailer ready. He doesn't balk at strange requests, either, like cutting a hole in the outer wall for a cat door or removing the RV toilet to install a composting one. He's game for whatever we've thrown his way and charges very reasonable rates. We're really lucky he's local.

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