Saturday, July 11, 2009

Killing time. (Roxi)

Not that I'm ever radioactively energetic, but now that I have time, it would be nice to be working on the Duck. So, Annie is working vicariously by reading 10-Minute Tech - The Book.

If you know us in person, it's pretty obvious that frugality is allowed to reign unchecked in our household. It's like a naughty child that we love too much to discipline. So, we saw the younger sibling of this book in Camping World, for some price that had two digits before the decimal. Please. My clothes don't have two digits. I'm not talking about the size - stop it.

Clearly, though, this series is valuable! Shopping on PaperBackSwap was fruitless, but a trip to Amazon netted us a used copy of this book for under $8, shipping included.

My point started out to be that Annie has been dog-earring pages like mad. Which she has. When I started to write, though, I realized that I haven't been saying nearly enough about our religion: Thriftianity.

By the time we've used up all the thrifty ideas in this thrifty book, I'll bet the next edition will be available for less-than-double-digits. Meanwhile, we'll have soaked up all these ingenious and frugal plans that someone else tried first.

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