Saturday, August 8, 2009

In-between (Roxi)

If you're local to us, you know the weather has been ridiculously beautiful this week. And, when the weather is beautiful here, there is no bad thing about the entire place. I've had a hard time maintaining my motivation to leave Eden dressed only in a tin leaf. Lots more 2 A.M. awakenings by my saner inner voice, asking politely what the hell I'm thinking.

Those moments are interspersed with periods of elation, when I can't get on the road fast enough to suit me.

It's hard to tell from the outside that Annie is anything but fully-focused on the goal, so every now and then I have to check in.

Hon, do you ever think this is the stupidest thing that has ever crossed your mind?


What do you do when that occurs to you?

I just push through it.

There you go! Just push through it. And, I guess that's what we're both doing, sometimes alone, sometimes together.

Annie has gone this morning to get the brake controller in the truck checked out. That's the communication between the truck brakes and the trailer brakes, because you want to keep those guys talking all the time. I'm stopping, how about you? Oh, heck yeah, I'm stopping, too! Excellent, I'm stopping really fast now - are you with me? Oh yeah, I am SO TOTALLY stopping fast! They had had a little tiff, apparently, and lines of communication had shut down, so this is just a little bit of couples' counseling.

There is an empty space that should be a latch on the back screen door; easy to replace, but you have to remember the orientation. Right-handed? Left-handed? This is how they're labeled, but it's impossible to know which it is without picturing your own door. I wanted to convey this information to Annie in words, while retaining it for myself in a visual way. My right hand was a gun pointing left, to indicate the direction the latch should attach.

So, this ... [hand fully cocked and loaded]


No, it's ...


[exasperated] NO, the latch, like this! [pulling trigger]


Aah! If you're on the inside, it's like this: [shooting left-hand gun]


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