Friday, August 7, 2009

New Batteries, or Why Our Wallets are Empty (Annie)

After much research - mostly by Roxi - we decided to go with Lifeline brand 6v batteries. We're going to wire 4 of them in series and parallel to get 12v at 440 amp hours. We went with the 220s because they're *only* 66 pounds each. The next higher up is something crazy like 95 pounds. Sixty six pounds I can handle if I have to. Ninety-something? Nope.

Did anyone mention these suckers are friggin expensive? The cheapest I found are $273 each with free shipping from a place in California. I called the manufacturer to see if they would sell to me cheaper but the rather surly gentleman there said no can do. Someone on one of the RV forums claimed to have purchased directly from this same manufacturer but maybe they've changed policy since then, or the guy just didn't like the sound of my voice. I know! It grates!

We have an appointment the last week of August to take the trailer back to Fletcher's for some more work - and he's going to install our battery bank, too. I think we've decided to get a FanTastic Vent for some good air flow, especially important when the cats are home alone.

Roxi has been busy tearing out staples and carpet fuzzies. She has blisters, people. Blisters! As soon as that bit is done, we're going to clean up the joint and then we can haul the trailer to the flooring place to have the new vinyl installed. I think the vinyl can go in before the second round of service if the timing goes that way but will have to confirm that with Roxi.

The batteries now are the big thing. Once they're in and charged, we can pack up and go for a test camping. If the new vinyl is in already, we can take some of the cats with us; if not, no way. One inappropriate urination on untreated wood floors and we'd have to rename the Duck, and who wants to read a blog named The Effluvium Drifts West?

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wahooweena said...

*raises hand* Me! I do!

But, I suppose you don't want to write it.

Anonymous said...

Who has the time? Besides, I bet it would stink.