Monday, August 31, 2009


We recently saw Up!, and then, more recently, saw it again. Rent it, or pay the big bucks at the theater. Or we'll take you with our free passes - call us. Perfect for our states of mind; probably for yours, too.

This week, I have made great achievements of unverifiable productivity. My goal is to clear out everything we don't intend to store or take, but it devolves into does this bead inspire me? On the upside of that downside, I think my tools and supplies will fit into one moderately-sized Rubbermaid container. You know, instead of blankets or food. Another upside: I found two tools I haven't seen for a year and a half. Bonus!

I've been making the hard calls on my library, one by one. That's the exhausting part about cleaning out. On the thin line between TAKE and TOSS rest a couple of small boxes that can't go on either side.

Our friend, Julie, has offered us all the storage space we want in her house. She has a way of being mobile that I can't quite fathom: she stores things everywhere. She kept a garage bay full of stuff at our place during her last few years in New Zealand, and now that she's back full-time, she has a storage bay in Awhitu full of her things. She feels grounded by her historical possessions, but can shuck them off easily to move around. I look at something and decide How will this look with mouse shit?

GreyC recently went to live with Julie on her (real) farm upstate. A lovely place. There was a lot of scratching and growling, but we calmed Annie down eventually, and it was fine. We went back to visit a week later, and we saw a different cat. Sweet, affectionate and happy, with wide-open eyes. Two other cats live there, too, which is of no consequence to GreyC in such a big house and acres of meadow. The yellow lab says WILL YOU BE MY FRIEND? YOU CAN EAT MY KIBBLE BECAUSE I LOVE YOU.

The Duck is in the shop again, for a second round of mods. This time is just the connection of the battery bank and a couple of other things I can't recall right now. Oh yeah, fans.

Roxi is still back East, sayin' "Why don't they write?"

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