Wednesday, September 16, 2009

sad kitty

Annie and I have started talking about rehoming some of the cats.  It's still in the recovery discovery period. [I think what I wrote first was truer.]

We always agreed that we would brook whatever inconvenience they brought, because that was the contract we made with them.  When we downsized last year, Annie worked until she had created a suitable outdoor enclosure for them, safe from everything but themselves.  Everyone but GreyC adapted well to the change, eventually.  It's a pain, but it's do-able, and we did-able.

If you've asked us about the cats and the Duck, you know that's the soft spot in our plans.  Put them in and go is as far as we got.  We had a cat door installed (which cracked Phil and Courtney right the hell up).  But, a cat door to what?  We can't carry this enclosure around with us.  How could we force so many animals into such a small space, with no chance of relief, solitude or Wild Kingdom encounters?

What I mean is, it occurs to us that there are worse things for the cats than having a home away from us.

We can imagine having three or four cats.  Cara and Lily are the cranky senior seniors, at 13- and 12-years.  They sleep a lot, and would probably adapt the best to a more confined life.  The third, Penny, is our very interactive kitty.  I think Annie didn't vote her off the island because she's my favorite, plus Penny can work it.


Lily on Bed Day, December 2008 (11 years)



Under consideration for parole:





That's all I can write about it today.

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Maria B said...

Oh, this little post is so sweet... have you had any takers?

¡Vizcacha! said...

Hi Maria,

No, not really. We're hoping that it will work out to take everyone, and we'll know more once we actually move everyone in.

People usually already have as many animals as they want to have, so it's hard to find friends who say "Oh! I was just wishing we had another middle-aged kitty!"