Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kitty dilemna [Annie]

Just to add my two cents to Roxi's recent posts... I started to wonder if it would be cruel to the cats to make them all come along. As Roxi said, it's not so much about our comfort, because we made that commitment to them knowing there would be work and mess and all that involved with having so many cats. If it's just an inconvenience for us and for them to cram us all into the Duck until we finally settle somewhere then that's one thing, but if it's cruel to the cats to put them through that then we need to look for solutions. I don't want to find new homes for our cats but if it's that or make them suffer for months while we live in the trailer, then rehoming would be a kindness.

My plan is to make some sort of temporary outdoor enclosure they can use with the cat door we had installed in the trailer, so they can get some outside time and still be safe until we find our permanent home. I don't know what that enclosure looks like yet but just for portability sake, it's not going to be big, so it will offer a little respite but not a huge one. Once we are permanently situated, they'll get a bigger outdoor enclosure to enjoy when they don't feel like being inside. It's just this transition time that worries me.

So we're looking for input on this. What do you folks think?

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