Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Let's face it ...

Lily von Schtupp

I'm tired.

We brought the Duck home Friday night, and didn't even land. Annie realized brake controller therapy had failed and a bitter legal separation was imminent when the momentum of the trailer took her nearly into Rte. 96. Back we went, leaving Truck and Duck at Fletcher's. Some more. Once I was behind the rig, I could see that the passenger side light assembly had stopped working. Now what would you pay?

I'm exhausted for no reason, but it's a good time to say that I've fallen into a Trough of Disillusionment. It has become clear that WE WILL NEVER GET THE DUCK HOME. Never. It will exist only in the limbo of the highway between Watkins Glen and home.

Let me distract myself by telling you about all the "progress" we've made this time.

  • Four AGM Lifeline batteries, wired up and snugged into the front hatch.
  • A shower fan
  • An all-weather fan in the galley
Those fans will be useful in Purgatory, two doors down from Hell.

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