Sunday, September 27, 2009

Meta-goal. [Roxi]

We're about to decide on a time limit for sitting down to talk about a date for getting the house on the market.  I believe that, within the next week, we will settle on a time to discuss setting goals.

I had my first paid cat-sitting gig last week, after advertising on Craigslist for a while.  [Not for you guys - friends' cats still eat free.]  It was fun; it gave me something to do and somewhere to be, and some extra cash.  The best part was writing daily notes for the owners.  They think I'm funny, but all week long I tried to get the cat to laugh - nothing.

We hung out with some friends last night and saw Julie & Julia, which, as far as I'm concerned, was a story about a blogger who made the big time.  Cooking is for suckers.  Afterward we came back to the Duck to entertain.
And, this is where I make this relevant:  we turned on the furnace!  We got warm!

I mentioned problems.  A fitting that should hold a pipe onto the water pump is broken and impotent, so water pumped into the tank just flows back out every nearby orifice.  Plus (stop me if you've heard this), no water comes out of the faucets in this picture.  City water (water from a hose) does make it through the pipes and out the faucets.  On its way out the door, though, it leaks somewhere in the water-heateral region.  Also at the discharge pipe.

We need an inverter.  I highhandedly recommend a 2000W model, so that more than one electrical thingie could be on at one time.  For example, the microwave and the power saw.  The crock pot and the electric fence.  Electric curlers and the rodeo floodlights.

One friend fixed the bathroom light by flipping on the switch.  Nice job!  The other was the very first to use our Nature's Head.  Good work!  A productive evening all around.

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