Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ready again. [Roxi]

L & R had us over last night for a yummy dinner and a long talk about the Southwest. [I'm protecting their anonymity;  not everyone wants to be widely-known across an audience of 14 readers.]  They full-timed for six years, building houses with Habitat for Humanity and taking other volunteer positions with the Parks Service. 


Luckily, I brought my notebook, because there was a story for every green highlighted crossroads on their well-used atlas.  Canyons hiked, cliff-dwellings explored, trading posts browsed.  Places not to be missed.  Places not to even consider.  Rock-hunting, rug auctions, hikes, mountain lions, cliff faces.  Misadventures and good advice.  Four hours had gone before I could even conceive of time passing.

Best of all, they assured us we weren't crazy.  Not about the full-timing, anyway.

Thanks for the tonic, you guys!  I'm grateful more than I can say.

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