Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sign of the Duck

Sort of like a beast, only lite.  Three webbed toes, not five.  It's what our counter said this afternoon.

Linda told me this morning that a full-time RVer has to play dominoes, so that answers the Stay?/Go? question about the box.

Annie has a neat idea about portable cat enclosures.  It started with an idea she saw online, and she realized she could do it more cheaply and just as well.  If there were just someone to weave the tale.

[Go ahead, hon.  I set it up for you.  Everyone's waiting.]

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dirtyduck said...

cute pic

dirtyduck said...

i am not ashamed to google....i even do it in front of my husband....

Roxi said...

That's a very healthy attitude. I am opposed to teaching Google-shame to children.