Saturday, September 12, 2009

Test pattern - do not adjust your sets (email post from Roxi).

Hi friends.  I've been tinkering indiscriminately with our Blogger settings, just to see how far I can push you.  KIDDING. 

We've been thinking a lot about connectivity (Annie has promised to write a post about it), and I'm trying different ways to compose entries offline.  If we end up stuck with a 5Gb limit, we'll want to conserve where we can.  I think 5Gb is fine for general surfing and emailing, even for two people, but throw in one episode of Flying Circus and the whole thing hurtles into chaos.

I can compose emails offline, and if I can then post them quickly (with our own connection, at the library, scarfing down a latte), that's a boon.  Composing them on Word is also an option, but this is a new free toy from Blogger.

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