Monday, September 21, 2009

What a Duck does on the weekend. [Roxi]

Central NYS spent two of its allotted 11 Perfect Days this weekend. Not even radar could spot a cloud, and the temps stayed in the lower 70's. We headed up to Sampson State Park to tour the vintage trailers that were gathered there. I think most of the visitors were people who also had trailers in the rally, because everyone asked us which trailer was ours. We had to confess, repeatedly, that our trailer wasn't vintage, it was just old. Nice afternoon, though, and nice people showing off their hard work.

And, since we've come around to hard work, that's what yesterday looked like around here. By bedtime, Annie was so tired she couldn't stop walking around. They vinyl went in on Friday, so yesterday we got at 101 tasks that could finally be done. My part was painting outside things: stairs, panel covers, outlet covers. Annie's part was everything else. She created a cute stationary toolbox out of an ugly and malevolent bottom step (oh yes! pictures WILL come). She reseated the toilet. She installed a door handle on the inside of the bathroom (head?) door. Now I'm damning with faint praise, because she did a lot of stuff besides that.

We did a systems test of the water, on-board and city. Good news! We found problems! - a broken piece on the water pump (used when on-board water is needed), and leaky drainage pipes.

We had a disagreement on Friday:

This railing, you don't want it put back, right?

Yeah, I do.

Because, it's only this high. If you leave it off, you'll just step off and hurt your ankle...

Ouch! Yeah, I want it.

...but if you fall over it, you'll flip and hit your head.

Yeah, I want it.

Would you rather hurt your ankle, or your head?

I want it.

Okay, that's head, then.

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Carolyn said...

OMG, a fight!

Anonymous said...

Seriously! It was almost ugly!