Monday, October 19, 2009

All Good Things. [Roxi]

Annie went back to work today, where they were happy to see her.  It was sad here at home, though, because she's my chief source of comedy and entertainment.

Some things that were:

  • water heater thermocouple replaced
  • shelves made
  • wine drunk
  • windows washed
  • two cats brought out (temporarily)
  • clothes moved
  • bookshelves finished
  • books moved
  • table reattached
  • nights slept through
Here's Treetop Annie getting caulky:


Isn't she cute?

I helped:


We've been searching for a furnace vent cover.  The hole is irregularly sized, and we threw away the old covers (d'oh!).  Once we exhausted the conventional options, we started thinking outside the Big Box for more imaginative ones.  Checked out Significant Elements, which is a nest of ideas in general;  specifically, no go.  Then we went on to Finger Lakes ReUse, which is a good place, but a little pricey.  We found an old iron grate, painted pink, complete with its guts (not useful to us).  It was way in front of any other "solutions" we had found, but they wanted $25 for it, and we just wanted the top piece.  This is where Annie drew her line in the sand.  $25!  And it's old!  And pink! And $25!  Outrageous.  So uncharacteristic, really;  I've never seen her balk over money before.  Still, it was a solution, and a decent one.  Sometimes solutions come cheap, but now and then you have to bleed for them.  Long story short (oh, too late!), she talked them down 10% and I talked her down the other 90.  So:

  • iron grate painted

Let me go on and on about our Sleep Number bed, RV edition:  Awesome.

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