Monday, October 12, 2009

Apparently, Annie is the key.

She's on vacation this week, and suddenly we're accomplishing stuff.  Stop judging me!  I need help.

The fresh water tank and the water pump rest under the bed, so there's that.  The water pump seems to be holding its water, so we assembled the bed, but first we had to attach the plywood back over the water system.  In this set-up, there is a big empty space under the rest of the bed that must be used for storage (RVs abhor a vacuum).  Annie installed a long hinge to the plywood so that it can be lifted by one person.  Maybe the other person gets something out of storage.  I think we forgot the safety latches; it's not too late!

The idea is that the plywood over the frame forms a space for the water, and another compartment for storage, then becomes the base of the bed. We have an RV edition of the Sleep Number bed that we've been itching to set up, so we did that.  There's a big question mark and a storm brewing in the air over our heated mattress pad:  I say Pshaw, who needs it?  and Annie says My organs are fused to it and it's coming with us.  So, consumed with the chill in the air and our consumer lust, we shopped for and bought a down-alternative comforter and cover.  I'm happy to report that the comforter is very warm and if I had napped under it for an hour and fifteen minutes it would probably have been really cozy.  Probably.  If.

We got that crazy fuse kit, too, then blew out a fuse using the 12v plug in the living room.  No problem!  We'll put in another!  Annie glanced at the old one - 75 amps - then replaced it with a smaller, 30 amp fuse.  Stupid decimal point! but we found the mistake before it mattered, and replaced the 7.5 amp fuse with a 5-er.

Awesome discovery:  those kits come with a puller that also tests the fuses, in case we don't know which one is bad.  NAPA, people!  Who knew there were good things there?

There was a frost warning last night, so we left the heat on and came inside.

The table is back in the living room - great for holding pizza and beer.  Come on over!

"Annie and Carolyn" have said it's okay to use their real names, Bruno and Alphonso, here in the blog.  Here's a shout-out, guys!

Today, I have decided to fire up the poop element of the toilet by adding peat moss.  It has to happen sometime.  Lots of details later.

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Anonymous said...

Am I Bruno and Alphonso?

With heat and a down comforter you must have been pretty cozy last nite.

Let us know when you want to go cross country and/or cross village to park next to our pond or garage for the nite.

~Annie K

Roxanne said...

Annie K, you can be one or the other, but not both.

Wow, were we EVER warm enough last night. We each got up in the night to turn down the heat. Cozy comforter, though.

Yeah! That would be fun!